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Call or WhatsApp

UK: 0743 203 4587

Overseas: +44 743 203 4587


If You Have Questions About How I Work Or How To Book Your Psychic Reading You'll Find The Answers Here

How Do I Arrange My Reading ?

Please Contact Me To Ensure My Availability Before Purchase

Email, call or text me and we'll schedule your reading at the perfect time for you

Contact Me

Then use my Payment Page to purchase your chosen time and date in advance  


Once your appointment time and purchase are confirmed I can then deliver your reading

Your Reading

What Are Your Rates And How Do I Purchase?

All rates are on my Purchase Page 

Once you've contacted me to arrange a time and date for your reading, you can then use the Purchase Page which will take you to my secure PayPal option to make your purchase and confirm your appointment. After that, I'll call you at the time and date arranged. You don't need a PayPal account to use this option. PayPal also provides a guest option to make your purchase with a debit or credit card. 

Once you've made your purchase, then a confirmation and a receipt for your payment will be automatically emailed to both of us directly from PayPal and you'll be directed to my website's Payment Confirmation page

Is My Purchase Secure?

All transactions are processed securely by PayPal. Notification, confirmation and receipts are sent to both of us automatically by email directly from PayPal when using my PayPal option.

What If There's A Problem? 

Although a lack of psychic connection is something that will hardly ever happen, there can be a variety of reasons why an intuitive link between people sometimes isn't as strong as we would want.

In the exceptionally rare event that there's any difficulty at all in establishing a great connection, a truly ethical and powerful intuitive will know within the first few moments of any reading. If this should happen there will always be a full refund given. 

What's The Difference Between A Psychic Reading By Telephone And One In Person?

The short answer is - none at all!  The longer answer is that by it's nature a psychic reading doesn't depend on physical presence of the person receiving it. I work with the spiritual and not the physical energy of a person.

This energy isn't limited by your physical distance to me or your presence in a different location. It's not necessary to be in the same place for a strong intuitive to make a psychic connection with you

How Do You Give Your Readings?

Right from the very start of our time together, I prefer not to ask for or be given information from you. It's far more valuable and validating for you when I can pass on information about you and your life and establish our connection from the first moments of your reading. 

It's best for a great intuitive to have no preconceptions or knowledge about the person that they're reading for. That way, we both know what I'm receiving for you is coming purely from spiritual guidance and my own psychic ability

I'll begin our clairvoyant consultation by passing on to you what I can immediately hear, see and feel about your current life situation and your emotions. 

Once we know we've established a great psychic link and I've focused on current events around you, I then move forward and onto future developments that I see for you. 

While I pass on all of this information to you I'll pause at various moments in your reading so you can ask any direct questions or focus on any particular aspects of your life that you need me to look at most. It's usually the case that I'll have answered your questions before you need to ask them, though! 

I always cover the events of the year ahead for my clients, but the things I see for you and the advice I give you will often go beyond even that time period

Do You Have A Freephone Number?

As I'm an individual psychic reader and not a big company I offer you a personal one to one service. I deliver readings to clients all over the world. I don't use a freephone or toll free number as I can call you back at no call cost to you.

All you have to do is to give me a telephone number where I can reach you. With all worldwide locations we can also connect by WhatsApp if you prefer.

My clients in the UK, USA, Canada and Hong Kong can get my Free Call Back with WhatsApp as well as cell phone and landline

What Countries Can Get Free Call Back?

For all worldwide locations we can connect by using WhatsApp. In addition, my Free Call Back also applies to landline numbers in all of the countries listed here

Countries Where I Can Call Your Landline Number In Addition To Connecting With WhatsApp 

Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria

Canary Islands Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Gibraltar Greece Hungary Irish Republic Israel Italy Jamaica Japan Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Madeira Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand Norway Poland Portugal Romania Singapore Slovak Republic Slovenia South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland Thailand 

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