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Tarot Archive 

Tarot For August 2022

The Tower

The Recent Past

"Because civilizations are finite, in the life of each of them 

there comes a moment when the centre ceases to hold.,,"

- Joseph Brodsky

It's been a torrid two months! As represented by The Tower card, both June and July have given out sudden and shocking bursts of energy and events. This kind of energy seems to have been all too prevalent in the last few years. In many of my conversations with other intuitive people, the collective feeling  and consensus seems to be that we've been locked in a very intense seven year energetic cycle, but that cycle is now a year away from it's final conclusion. We may already be seeing the effects of that. Like the last, dying embers of a fire ball or the aftershocks that gradually decrease in strength after an earthquake. Things are calming down. Nevertheless, some huge structural damage will still need to be addressed and repaired in the aftermath. 

We should also be aware that as well as collapse, The Tower card can bring us the message of sudden awakening or revelation. It's like the moment a lightning bolt illuminates a dark landscape. That flash of light is like the mental insight that cuts through the beliefs and opinions we may have held ourselves or been convinced of by others! Maybe society's in the moment of frozen disbelief that happens just after something comes crashing down. However, hard on it's heels comes the reckoning-when reality kicks in. So many people will reach or are reaching a point of realisation. That they've been building on unstable foundations, have made false assumptions, seen only illusion or even believed downright lies.... 

The Seven Of Swords

The Background Energy

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of  people who don't do anything about it."

-Albert Einstein

When we have periods of uncertainty or instability it allows space to those who would capitalise on crises or harness people's fear and anger to their own advantage. We could compare this to living in a house and being so distracted by the noise or chaos at the front door that we can't see who or what is breaking in at the back window. The image on this particular card is an interesting representation of this kind of situation. This is as true of our individual lives as it is of entire nations or even the whole world. The Seven of Swords here represents a period of time that we've all lived through, in which those who practice deception, trickery and manipulation have held sway. This card also represents individuals or organisations who have tried to embed themselves into society, whilst concealing their true motivations. They may have not only been getting away with their actions- but persuaded a great many people to espouse or promote them, while the true agenda is hidden away.

The new moon in Leo brought with it a huge surge of energy, though, and this month we've arrived at a point where the curtains are being pulled back -and light gets in. We can expect damning revelations about large organisations and institutions and the way they are run. There be may even be public enquires or commissions that examine things which happened 'behind the scenes. This extends out to individual figures too. |Facts that emerge about some of those in power or public life may shock even an exhausted and distracted populace. Alarms have sounded- we're ready to hear them and take action.  

The Ace Of Swords

The Present 

"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth


The Ace of Swords represents truth and power; Right now and for the rest of August, the sharpness of it's blade will be felt across the world. The message is clear- the holder of the sword wields power. When this power comes allied with responsibility and concern for the good of others, then great things can be achieved. Expect to see this kind of combination emerging in the corridors of power as there is a sense in which a wiser, more mature approach has taken root. This month will see some shifts in power in several world locations. Some nations will welcome strong, dynamic new leaders, others will have to reckon with systems that aren't working or are unjust- and we may witness upheaval as they're dealt with or removed from power. This Ace of Swords energy will also encourage a worldwide desire for and pursuit of truth, We'll see many instances of people standing up for rights - both their own and the rights of others. This card brings a sharp focus to matters we feel fired up about or we're prepared to fight for... 

The card indicates new beginnings. Sometimes these new beginnings have to come after times of chaos or destruction. As challenging as it is to have to start again, sometimes we need to have a clean, clear surface on which to set out our plans. Individually, this month is great for those who have more rational minds and the ability to discriminate. Swords cut through things. They pierce illusions, They cut between fantasy and reality. They bring truth.  At this time we're ready to lift ours up high, both individually and for the greater good...


The Direction Of Travel

"At his best, man is the noblest of all animals; 

separated from law and justice he is the worst" 


Here comes our Justice card to emphasise August's message of  truth, fairness - and the rule of  law. As we leave this month and prepare to enter September, many will already have been called to account for their actions. The Justice tarot card is about the concept of truth and fairness There's movement toward judgement and restorative justice this month. The truth isn't found in opinion or assertion -but must be based on facts. Again, expect to see public enquiries where people's interpretations of facts will be held up to wiser scrutiny. Our Justice card suggests that laws may be changed or newly drawn up as a result. The card's connection to law and legality also presages changes to legal systems and we may see huge shake ups and subsequent reform of law enforcement agencies or even police forces.

Individually you're being asked to stand up against things in your life that are unfair or throwing you off balance. As has been written earlier, the Justice card's about the search for truth-and you may need to clarify or define your  truth. Prepare to dive into some dark waters to explore what  truth means to you. You might have to challenge yourself and even totally re-examine your belief system. Be assured though, that we're all likely to feel safer and more secure as this month concludes and the year moves on, There is a huge sense that the chaos may finally be coming to an end and-to use a colloquialism-that the grown ups are now back in the room...

Tarot For May 2022

The Seven Of Rods

The Present Time

“The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and alike necessary to nations and to individuals"

~ James Monroe

It's interesting in the light of what I've written above about being careful with communication during Mercury retrograde that this card should be the first drawn. The Seven of Wands appears when we need to hold a firm position or stick to our guns about points of view. We may feel a strong wish to voice our opinions in a very public way. It's only right in any free society that we're able to do this. However in May's slightly skewed climate there may be a lot of conflict around the issue of being able to express truth and opinion. So this month, we have to be extra careful not to misspeak and be prepared to support any views that we hold or arguments that we have. Back yourself and continue to stand firm in your convictions- but have your evidence and receipts at the ready!

In keeping with all of the Mercury Retrograde advice above, the Seven of Wands encourages us to identify potential threats before moving ahead with plans. Prepare a ‘worst-case scenario’ strategy. Reflecting the card's image is also the need this month to mark out- and reinforce-clear boundaries around what we find acceptable and what we don't. This is not a month where we'll allow others to take advantage or mess with us! May is a time for us personally and in wider society to battle for what we believe in and to confront those who may oppose or threaten us- but we need to do so with a full armoury of facts, figures and finances.


Underlying Influences

“On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time"~ George Orwell

I've worked with the Tarot Of The Old Path this month but in other decks this fifteenth card of the Major Arcana is called 'The Devil'. Just like in other decks, this card represents our shadow selves-the dark side of all our natures. It also represents the external factors that can so often hold us back from being our best and brightest selves. This interpretation of the card has a more 'understanding' energy-one that addresses that duality within all of us. and our tendencies to be tempted by outside influences. Humans can be both angel and devil from one moment to the next! 

The card reflects understanding of human frailty but it also carries a warning- don't  lull or fool yourself into believing you have no control over your shadow self or negative side. This is a card that empowers us to see. When we truly see what's in and around us we can break negative cycles. overcome addictions, leave abusive situations -and take back control of our lives. When this card appears it as an opportunity to really see those negative influences and be very conscious of them. This month, it's time to take action and free ourselves from their hold. Many of us will break free from internal tendencies that limit us, but there will also be a mass movement to also break free from those external forces that would prefer to keep us mired in negativity and fear...

The Guide

Emerging Energies

“Remember to preserve a calm soul amid difficulties.”


As we move further into May, the physical temperature is rising but the prevailing and combustible worldwide emotional temperature will start to cool down. As Churchill said “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”. We will start to see a return of balance, patience and moderation into both individual lives and public life. This card-also known as 'Temperance 'in other tarot decks-sits in contrast to the Temptation card above but reinforces it's message that individuals and societies can arrive at a place of equilibrium, A place where we can overcome baser instincts and fear. 

In many conversations we may have had or in comments we may read or hear, an oft repeated refrain seems to be 'the world's gone crazy'. Indeed, it might seem like we've lived-and are still  living-through a period of chaos and what could be viewed as a type of collective madness. The message of this card is that while we are actually progressing toward a more sane and stable time for our world, we're not quite there yet, However, we can help accelerate the process. Exercising patience and exuding calm in our dealings with others is not weakness-it's an effective and powerful way of not being drawn into base energy conflicts or engaging with extremes. Even the most irreconcilable opposites can be reconciled or darkness defeated if enough of us on this planet aspire to a good life.

The Sun

Direction Of Travel

"Better times perhaps await us who are now wretched"


We have all  been through a difficult time, but The Sun card brings us the message that things can and will  get better, Even through the challenges of the last few years one of the upsides is that so many people discovered who they truly were, what they believed and what they would stand for. The energy of this card is akin to the light that breaks through the clouds after a bad storm or the sound of birdsong in the air, even after a fierce battle. The Sun also represents a light that shines on deceit to reveal the truth. In this time we can expect the start of a period of unravelling for some ideologies that have held sway or revelations about those who have sought to control or oppress others. Ironically, this light may first of all break through from the actual physical sources and platforms that have been used to facilitate widespread fear and division.

The Sun connects us to our true power –not cold, fear-driven power, but the warm inner energy that actually radiates through all of us and wants to connect us. A huge grass roots movement has actually begun-in the everyday lives of actual people, rather than in media portrayals of them. This movement is one that wants to create stability, forge connection and embrace joy. May brings us those first rays of light that herald the coming success of this. A bright dawn follows even the the darkest of nights...

Tarot For April 2022

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Present Time

"There is nothing permanent except change" ~ Heraclitus

When I turned over this card as the first message in my April reading, I admit that I had a wry smile- even in these grim times. For me, there is no card more illustrative of our current world situation than the Wheel Of Fortune card here. So many people in these days wake up wondering what dramatic or calamitous thing may happen next. Living with unpredictable conditions is unnerving and exhausting and when factors outside our control seem to permeate everyday life it can feel impossible to move forward or even look forward.

Now that we've dealt with the more negative feelings that this card and this month may give us, here's the more positive side! The appearance of the Wheel of Fortune card often comes at a critical turning point. What that means is that we can expect opportunities we couldn't otherwise have imagined to manifest for us or we're given chances to make great changes. So many are going through the most difficult of times, but this card is a reminder that the wheel is always turning and life is in a state of constant change. Better luck and better times will make their return soon. We simply can't always exist 'on the edge'. Life will inevitably return to a more stable state. Stay optimistic. Cherish your good times, treasure the people you love and have faith that the world will turn yet again toward better times...

The High Priestess

Underlying Influences

"Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers." ~ Alfred Lord Tennyson

The High Priestess is the card of spirituality and wisdom. When she appears we're urged to listen more closely to our inner voice and trust our intuition. Whilst our previous Wheel of Fortune card speaks of rapid changes and unnerving movement our Priestess represents the still, quiet centre in all of us where true wisdom lives. In the esoteric sense she is the guardian of the veil of awareness, helping us to connect to a deeper understanding of the Universe. In the more practical and prosaic sense, she wants to remind us that the world isn't always as it seems or is made to seem to us. Many of us may now begin to experience a more heightened awareness which may help us all -throughout our whole world-to uncover previously hidden information, It's time to expand our knowledge of what this world is about- and thus gain wisdom.

Our Priestess also governs learning and April sees events where a great amount or release of information will be made available-for those who seek it. We can choose to access this or not, of course. Just as there are always those happier with 'what I don't know can't hurt me' as their philosophy, so there are also those who are far more comfortable with 'knowledge is power' as their mantra. It's actually what we do with any revealed knowledge that's going to be important in this month. I'll add one more quote to the one already placed above this card reading- as nothing illustrates my last point better: "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”...


Emerging Energies

"Every calamity is to be overcome by endurance" ~ Virgil

Our Strength card speaks to us about the human spirit and our ability to overcome trials and obstacles. When the Strength card appears we're reminded if we've lost our strength or resilience we'll get it back once again. It's also a card which is trying to encourage us to realise or to remind us of our own power. It's very easy to feel disempowered when you're being constantly blindsided. An onslaught of fearful events and negative news will do that. When we're faced with fear or the focus is on opposing forces, it can actually be easier-and more primal-to lash out than to reach across. This card urges us to resist the latter and embrace the former.

Strength can also be embodied by those who have the willpower to turn away from narratives of fear or choose not to focus on violence. No-one's suggesting we ignore the plight of our fellow humans. Just the opposite, in fact as this is also the card of the diplomat, the card that uses calm words and actions instead of harsh anger -and thus promotes unity. The personal message to all of us here is this is a time when we need to be conscious of the more basic side of our nature-and reconnect with the grace and balance that lies within us all. Be proactive this month in doing so. Detach from sources of fear as far as you can, practice mindful activities. Start and end each day by thinking of at least one thing or person in life that brings you gladness. The more energy that we put into cultivating inner strength, there's more chance that our outer  world will change...


Direction Of Travel

"In a living society every day is a day of judgment; and its' recognition as such is not the end of all things but the beginning of a real civilization."

~George Bernard Shaw

Our world has constantly been going through huge disruptive events which could be seen as karmic destiny. As I write, we still are. Some may say that we're reaching a point where we're finally learning the karmic lessons of our collective past and now understand  that we could actually choose a more enlightened path. The Judgement card reflects those who want to rise up and embrace a higher level of consciousness. Right now, many are actually experiencing their spiritual awakenings. Many realise that we're destined for better things. This may not be what we're given as the daily 'headline news' -but it is actually happening out there in the world...

The Judgement card is so often drawn in Tarot readings when we're close to reaching significant stages on our life journeys. On a personal level, for those who read this, it indicates that you may be at a crossroads and will need to make some life changing decisions, These kind of decisions require a blend of intuition and intellect-not just plain logic. The card mirrors this time- when you've reviewed your experiences and finally learned from them. If individuals can learn lessons and move forward with increased self-awareness, we hope too that an entire world can do the same and allow healing to take place. We can move forward. This is a fascinating and reassuring card on which to conclude this reading and to keep that hope alive within us all....

Tarot For March 2022

The Tower

The Present Time

“Sometimes even to live is an act of courage.”

~Lucius Annaeus Seneca

As we start March, it may seem to us that the world is embroiled yet again in chaos and destruction, It was no surprise to me, therefore, that I drew this card first of all. The Tower is the card of upheaval- life changing and unavoidable. It can be terrifying. Some have compared this card's energy to a bomb exploding into our lives, Tragically, as I write, the comparison is a terrible reality in the lives of our fellow human beings.

As difficult as it may be to believe, there is actually a positive aspect to this card and it's presence in any reading. The destruction shown in The Tower card is a double edged sword in that it also clears a space- one that we can rebuild on or renew. This applies as much to things like beliefs, political regimes, philosophies and power structures as to physical reality. Revolution is in the air! When we as individuals or nations go through experiences like this. The Tower card also tells us that though profoundly changed, we will survive- and what will then follow is a period of renewal and re-creation.

The Moon

Underlying Influences

“In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

~ George Orwell

When The Moon card appears we are often immersed in a time of unreality or illusion. There’s a sense that something is not quite right, nothing is truly what it seems and not everything is out in the open. The Moon tarot card can represent underhand behaviour and it advises us to always 'read between the lines'. This advice applies literally to what we may read in the press and media during this period. Try to look beyond what's being presented to you and be aware that emotions can be powerfully manipulated. 

There may even be situations where we are asked to believe or even to affirm things that are obviously untrue. In these cases, the Moon card advises us to actually adopt the kind of stealth tactic it warns against! Make your responses vague or non committal rather than be drawn into any conflicts that may be intended to entrap or confuse you. We can resist those who wish to control what we perceive or believe, but this month a better approach will be to act more as a witness or observer and-for now-a quiet guardian of truth and reality. The time for speaking out may not be yet but it is close at hand,,,


Emerging Energies

"We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves." 

~The Dalai Lama

The appearance of the Temperance card in this position is especially welcome. Further into March our Temperance card indicates we'll reach common ground, Expect the emergence of circumstances and negotiations in which everyone feels they're getting what they want. The energy of compromise will begin to tentatively take hold. Expect to see some truly diverse-and very unexpected- people working together to try to foster harmony and cooperation. There will be some collective and impressive efforts to broker or leverage peace in our world.

Even as you read this you may feel that our world is teetering into chaos, but this card asks you to nurture and focus on inner calm, Even if things feel frightening right now, remember that we can't control all of the events in the outer world but we can control our response to them. There's an echo  of the previous message-as in our Moon card-about adopting strategic silence. Avoid getting embroiled in public argument or controversy. Consciously managing reactions and emotions is the key to tranquillity, even in these most stressful of times.

The Six Of Swords

Direction Of Travel

"He conquers who endures."

~Aulus Persius Flaccus

As March ends we may find ourselves in a state of great transition. We're moving into a period where we can leave behind old patterns of behaviour or even societal structures. Any sadness over what we may have lost will be replaced by renewed determination to change. This is a serious card that reflects sombre times, but it's also a card that tells us the slow process of healing is now underway. A great awakening of consciousness has now occurred in enough souls to ensure that collective vigilance will prevail and the desire for freedom cannot be quashed.

This card shows us there are paths for us to take and rivers for us to navigate. The figure shown here uses their knowledge and willpower to guide their ship to safe shores. They are clever and determined enough to make an escape from dangerous times or situations. As March closes, we're headed towards a much better place but we need to be determined and we need to be willing to evolve. Rather than dwelling on what's left behind, the time to come is an opportunity for we as a people to move away from how we used to be and begin the journey towards who we want to be...

Tarot For February 2022

The Three Of Wands

The Present Time

"When seems that you cannot hold on for a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."

~ Harriet Beecher Stowe

The Three of Wands here mirrors a universal desire to embrace change and to bravely venture into the future. There is a feeling of longing in the air, a longing for freedom. This will bring forth-is actually bringing forth just as I write this -a great turning of the tide. Collective consciousness is reaching a new level. February will see dramatic action from people ready to discard fear and throw off restriction. Some of these will be big, radical actions which will also gain a vast amount of popular support. Others will choose quieter, everyday acts of 'optimistic rebellion'- but these will spread out through society like ripples on a pond..

Even with this rapidly growing wave of people power, the Three of Wands is still a card that tells us to pay attention to challenges that may lie ahead. The figure in this card is looking far into the distance, with hope in their heart. However, this individual has learned to prepare and to plan. They are very aware of the kind of developments and obstacles that may yet be thrown at them - and we must be likewise. Even then, we can now consider what we can do to open up our individual worlds. The Three Of Wands encourages us all to dream big and to push past limitations..

The King Of Swords

Underlying Influences

"You have power over your mind - not outside events. 

Realize this, and you will find strength."

~Marcus Aurelius

Here's our King of Swords, standing in his power, facing down whatever life wants to throw at him. The sword in his hands represents the rational, conscious mind and truth itself. What this means for us is that in February we can expect a rise in open, public debate about what constitutes truth and reality- and what does not. There is a great fearlessness in our King here and this is going to be echoed this month in the words and actions we'll hear and see from people in both the public eye and in every day life who'll be ready and will be brave enough to speak to the whole world. We'll be inspired by their courage to embrace and express our own truth.

Another thing we may see this month is a strong focus on and possible reform of institutions connected to the justice system. Expect to hear news about widespread investigations or much deeper and forensic scrutiny of governments, judiciaries and of police forces worldwide. Great vigilance and awareness of those who may try to influence or to nudge our thought processes will be needed. Be mindful that there may be lots of vested interests at work. There'll be many challenges for us so we'll have to stand very in firmly in our truth and convictions.


Emerging Energies

"Courage is resistance to fear, 

Mastery of fear-not absence of fear."

~ Mark Twain

This card represents determination, but the singular beauty of the Strength card is it speaks of our inner strength and ability to overcome trials and obstacles with grace and dignity. This is the kind of strength  which is about endurance, stamina and persistence in the emotional, mental and physical aspects of our lives. When the Strength card appears in a reading, it guides us to be fuelled by inner power and strong will. The advice here is to find victory in the intelligent ways you use to influence and persuade-not by trying to control others, Many may underestimate subtle or kind people-but that's your advantage. This February , those with the most composure and maturity will win the day. 


Another wonderful aspect to this card is how it speaks to our relationship with ourselves. The female figure in our Strength card has the big cats under control, but also they're contented and peaceful. This reflects our inner journey and of taming our own 'beasts'. In many cases these beasts of ours have been constant despair and fear. This is the month and year that we can finally take control of our immediate feelings and reactions. instead of being at the mercy of what the outer world is telling us to feel.g. ..


Direction Of Travel

"When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right"

~ Victor Hugo

This February the Judgement card here is calling us to rise up and to embrace our higher consciousness. There will be growing awareness that choices we make now will bring significant, long-lasting effects. We're being asked by this card to take a deep breath and to tune in to our Higher Selves. before doing so. If we do, then this month and this year many of us will feel a deep spiritual awakening.

Judgement often appears in Tarot readings when we're reached a great point in our life journey. We've reviewed and evaluated past experiences and now we've finally learned from them. Another aspect of the Judgement card is about the collective. See how this card portrays human figures who rise up together. This month we'll see many people finding comfort in sharing struggles with others and then physically joining up in group environments and movements. This may be like a wave -moving gradually through one country after another-but we'll see this happening worldwide. 

One person standing up is an act of resistance.

One thousand people standing up is a movement.

One million people standing up is a revolution...