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Ostara/Spring Equinox

March 21/22

Celebrating Rebirth

The Wheel of the Year now turns to Ostara- the celebration of rebirth, where we honour the Goddess Eostre. Here in the Western Hemisphere this is also known as the Spring or Vernal Equinox.

As we turn to this time  we joyfully embrace the return of life to the Earth after the long, long darkness of the Winter months. There is also, of course, the connection of the name Ostara and of the Goddess Eostre to the Christian festival of Easter. We can also trace the European name of the Goddess Eostre back to her other names of Ishtar  and Astarte in earlier cultures.

All of the times on the Wheel of the Year have their profound connection to the eternal life cycle and to the progression of our own soul journey. For me, Ostara is always the one that lifts my soul and my spirits the most as life pulses back into being before our eyes. 

It uplifts us all to see the bursting forth of new life even if we can't yet go outside and fully embrace it, Glowing daffodils suddenly appear and the birds begin to sing as dawn arrives earlier. The trees bring forth their buds and blossom. Ostara is that wonderful reminder that rebirth will always happen, even after the darkest of times...

The traditional symbols and images of The Goddess and of fertility are visible everywhere at the moment - in nature and in wider culture. Eggs, new born chicks, March hares and rabbits being the most obvious and visible examples.

If this reads as too Pagan or arcane, then even in these times of lockdowns and  self isolation we can still see the displays in any supermarket or shop and on the now ubiquitous shopping websites at this time on the Wheel of the Year.

See for yourselves the abundance of Ostara and Goddess symbols on display in the 'Easter' sections. Our ancient roots in the Old Religion are far more deeply planted in our modern world than we realise...

Ways we can embrace the energy of Ostara

One of the most traditional of course, is the Spring Clean! At this time of year I love to de-clutter my home and do a thorough cleanse. You can use water which you've steeped in fresh rosemary and lemon. Rosemary is one of the most powerful natural plants that we use for psychic protection for ourselves and our homes. It's traditionally placed in and around doorways to dispel or ward off bad energy. Lemon oil is one of the best aromatherapy scents for lifting your mood and your spirits. 

The use of natural beeswax on furniture will also add the most delicious scent, along with the gorgeous natural sheen it will give. We can bring the energy of nature right into our homes with these ways to Spring Cleanse

I always like to make an energetic ritual of the Spring Cleanse by completing it with a thorough smudging of all the rooms with white sage, to dispel any old, stale energy that is no longer needed in my home or my life.

Open your windows after you've smudged each room and focus your thoughts on old patterns of behaviour, circumstance or any situations you wish to release. As you then invite in the Spring energy to assist you in birthing the new, you can speak or chant your wishes and affirmations

If being a domestic Goddess or God isn't your thing, then there many other ways we can embrace Ostara and the Spring Equinox

It's a great time to 'birth' new ideas. This is a very powerful energetic time to focus on creating more abundance around you. We can also make this a time to clean up our health and bodies as well as our homes. A far more appealing prospect than in cold dark January.

Simply getting out into nature and walking is great for you, or maybe going even further and finally getting back to the gym or the pool. We may not be quite back into 'normal' life yet, but simply getting out into nature and walking is so great for your emotional mental and physical health.

With love, we only have to observe the behaviour of the birds and animals around us to know that this is the most fertile time! If you're single, maybe it's time to think about meeting potential partners in ways you haven't tried before. The pandemic has perhaps made many of us more creative about finding romantic connections...

If you're partnered up, it's a perfect time to rediscover things about each other or to try new things together that make you see your partner in a different light. Rebirth your relationship!

Whichever way you choose to embrace the energy of Ostara, remember to look around you on these lighter mornings and observe~ even for just a few minutes. The world is waking up again, reminding us that life is a cycle and there is always the opportunity to embrace rebirth in some aspect of our lives, even in these most trying times. Happy Ostara/Spring Equinox. Have a wonderful and blessed time, wherever you are and may the arrival of Spring bring you joy..!