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"Two roads diverged in a wood

And I, I took the one less traveled by

And that has made the difference"

Robert Frost-The Road Not Taken

Like so many of us who have intuitive gifts and psychic abilities I tried for many years to live a conventional life and to 'fit in'.

After university and my Bachelors' Degree I had a very busy career in education, but even in the setting of a mainstream career I'd always given psychic readings, healings and helped people in spiritual ways. Eventually, I had to follow my heart and my spiritual calling completely, so I left the academic world to walk my true life path and to work purely with my psychic ability​. I've never looked back. My work is who I am

How I Work

I always begin psychic consultations by passing on all that I can immediately see, hear and feel about your current life situation. I don't ask any questions when I first connect with someone. A genuinely powerful intuitive prefers not to have prior information. That way we both know that whatever I see, hear and feel about you and your life is from a purely intuitive, psychic source.

 I work in very close contact with my own Spirit Guides. The Guides are very highly evolved souls from the spirit dimension. They've always been with me and I have a very close relationship with them. Their 'mission' is to pass on insight and information to help me to help you! At the exact same time as I'm channelling information from my Guides, I'm also working for you with my own three 'Clairs' 


The psychic seeing of images linked to you and the events in your life


The ability to discern words phrases that have a meaning or connection to you


The psychic perception of the emotions and physical sensations around you.

Once we both know I've established a psychic link and focused on all of the current events around you, I then move forward onto all your future developments. I always cover the events of the year ahead for my clients, but the information and advice I give you will often go beyond even that time period. 

While I pass all of this on to you, I'll pause at various moments in your reading so you can ask any direct questions or we can focus on the aspects of your life that you need me to look at most. It's usually the case that I'll have answered your questions before you need to ask them, though.

Psychic awareness began early

I contracted a serious illness at a very young age and went through what I later grew to recognise and unders​tand as a Near Death Experience - popularly known as an NDE.

Follow​ing my physical recovery it was obvious to me and others that I could see, feel and hear so many things which couldn't just be explained away by cold logic 

An account of my Near Death Experience features in the recent book by world recognised NDE expert Dr Penny Sartori. Along with other accounts included in 'The Wisdom of Near Death Experiences' there's a personal testimony of my own NDE and how this profound experience changed my life, was to take me on a spiritual path and still informs my belief system to this day. Extracts from this moving book have appeared in the Daily Mail newspaper here in the U.K. as well as international publications and conferences. You can read more about NDE's and the fascinating topic of human consciousness at Dr Penny Sartori's website

Dr Penny Sartori

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