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Soul And Spirit Magazine

"I expected a general overview of the next few months.

However, Martine also predicted a number of life-changing events would take place- many of which I thought were highly unlikely.

Amazingly, they've all pretty much come true since I had the reading, including a sudden, totally unexpected house move -(which she not only said would happen, but also described in detail right down to the colour and style of the front door!)

She also suggested there'd be changes in my career and personal development, and that my writing hobby would soon lead to a series of books being published- all of which has now transpired.

She even told me to watch out for a bottle of bergamot oil that's lost it's top in the move! I'm now super excited about seeing whether some of her other predictions ( including one about a new partner coming into my life and another about launching my own business) will happen.

I'd happily recommend her to others, and will definitely be calling her again in a few months to discover what's in store for me in the rest of the year"

Elizabeth Fraser,

Soul And Spirit Magazine

Soul And Spirit Magazine

"Martine is unlike any other psychic who has read for me.

Not only did she tap into my energy via clairvoyance (seeing objects and pictures in her mind's eye), she also used clairsentience (sensing my feelings and emotions) and clairaudience (where she picked up auditory messages meant for me)

Her reading was unnervingly accurate.

She sensed I may have some abundance blocks and suggested working with the crystal citrine. Plus, we spoke about some stuck energy I could have in my root chakra. 

She really was supportive and understanding. I came off the phone feeling a lot more confident in the life choices I've been making lately "

Hannah Tudor 

Soul And Spirit Magazine

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