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"Martine, you told me you saw me moving to the West Coast. I couldn't see it myself..but I should have known better. I've been out here since March, working as a writer on a TV show. Great hit! Thanks!" 

L, California, USA.  July 2019

" You could not have been more accurate with the career guidance! I'm working with amazing women and getting the opportunity to showcase my own talents. It is ALL HAPPENING!  You were correct right down to the time"

M M, Los Angeles, USA June 2019

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"Martine, thank you so much for the reading. You shed so much light on things, you absolutely made my day...blessings galore!"

 D. Maryland, USA, 2014


"I finally got the job in the exact sector you named and that it'd start in November-just like you said" 

 V, London, England, 2013


"Your timings were totally right for the reconnection that you predicted would happen in my life! I'm so happy and you're amazing. Bless you Martine!"

B, Sussex, UK, 2013


"My favourite psychic ever, Martine Alexis! She predicted what my career would be and that I would be on TV and a media figure, when I was working as a waitress! Then she told me I would buy a flat in a Victorian house on the second floor looking out at rolling hills....this happened too! Such a gifted and lovely person.."

 Lada Duncheva UK 2014


"All thanks to you for keeping me sane and giving me the hope to stay determined. People don't understand the healing and strength received from guidance from readings. If it wasn't for you and your insight it may very well have been a whole different story. Thank you so much for all your help, it means more than you will ever know"

MB, Scotland, 2016

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"Again, your incredibly detailed insights and advice have put me back on track. Thanks Martine, for always being a voice of wisdom and kindness '"

E. California, USA,  2013

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"Martine, I always call you 'The Thinking Person's Psychic'.  Stunning, profound and beautiful to connect with"

Patrick, London, UK, 2012

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"Genuine thanks Martine, for a brilliant reading. Your predictions are already unfolding! Thanks also for your absolute kindness and understanding. You're a very special lady. "

 P.B London, UK 2013.

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''Martine's reading literally sent shivers down my spine , but in a lovely, exciting way. I'm not someone who regularly talks to psychics, so I didn't really know what to expect, if anything. All I can say now is, WOW! I don't know how she does it, but it's fantastic. I'm so glad I met her! ' 

S.J, Manchester UK, 2013


"Your ability and way with linking into past, present and future situations is absolutely astounding and seems to know no bounds. You are a lovely person with a very special gift. You use it perfectly- gently, with honesty, frankness and complete understanding and empathy......"

L.B Somerset, UK 2013


"I just wanted to thank you for the reading you gave me. You have an incredibly warm and caring manner, yet I never felt for a minute that you were keeping any 'bumps in the road' hidden from me. I feel lighter than I have in while, knowing that I have positive things on my path ahead"

 K. Glasgow Scotland, 2013


'",,.not just the stunning predictions you made, which unfolded as you had said, but the depth of knowledge about all manner of spiritual topics. You're a great teacher as well as a truly gifted reader.' All given with love and your own special brand of humor too!"

 S. New England, USA, July 2013


"I was blown away by Martine's telephone reading. Without giving her any information on my personal life, she immediately sensed what my problem was and was totally spot on about the personalities of the various people that appeared in my reading. It was extraordinary. She predicted a very positive future for me. Before calling Martine, I was rather down, but after I spoke to her I felt so much better. I would recommend her to anyone "

I. Brighton, UK  2012

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