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Rather than writing on each individual astrological sign, what I now receive and write here is insight to help us all navigate our post Covid world. This month I've chosen to work with the universally loved Morgan Greer Tarot.

My Free Monthly Tarotscopes have always had a worldwide readership who visit this page of my site and I'm very grateful to all of you. Do know that you can still book your individual psychic reading with me, as you have always done. 

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 June 2021

Current Atmosphere

The Queen Of Swords

"The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it , ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is." ~ Winston Churchill

The Queen Of Swords is a formidable representation of what happens when mental clarity and intellect is combined with maturity and power. We've now entered a time when many in the world are ready and able to lift and use the sword of truth. In June, those who have refused to keep quiet or to be cowed will get results as light is shone on matters than have been hidden or deliberately obscured....

This month may be one of huge revelations in so many spheres of public life- political, social, scientific and esoteric. This may be uncomfortable for some, especially if this means that long held or stubborn beliefs are challenged or even disproved. Get ready for some quite shocking information being revealed! We're also entering a time when people are simply going to refuse to be censored or intimidated. After the long period of fear and enforced isolation the pandemic has brought into the world, people will relish freedom of action and speech more than ever- and will fight harder to restore it and to keep it!  

Reinforcing Influences

The Emperor

Most people can bear adversity; but if you wish to know what a man really is give him power" 

~Robert Green Ingersoll

Following on from our Queen Of Swords card and her mission of truth is the energy of the Emperor tarot card. Here it represents the highest forms of leadership, of heads of state and of the most powerful in our world. June's energy is going to change our attitudes to those who are-or have appointed themselves-in charge. As the Robert Green Ingersoll quote says above, it's when someone is given power, we see their true nature and to so many people this will prove to be the case. We'll increasingly and clearly see unedifying, disappointing or even quite alarming examples of behaviour from those who lead.

The big difference now-and the energy that emerges strongly this June- is that people are not only seeing this clearly but are simply refusing to tolerate it. Whilst this is not a prediction of sudden social upheavals or revolutions, June does bring big changes to some world leadership positions and also to the long established political and social direction of some countries. On a less national level, June may also bring curbs on certain private organisations. There may be a great reckoning with those who've become too powerful or have sought to impose themselves on too many aspects of our society and everyday lives..

Advice From Spirit

The Wheel Of Fortune

“Keep constantly in mind how many things you yourself have witnessed already. The universe is change, life is understanding” ~Marcus Aurelius

Our Wheel of Fortune is here to remind us that life is in a state of constant change. This is a good time to reflect on history-not just the fascinating  research we can now all so easily do into the history of our world, but our individual experiences. The point is-we're going through a difficult time but the world has been here before.. and survived worse. It's also a timely reminder to take a breath and step off the toxic carousel of the ever present 24 hour news cycle. Look around you and really cherish those small, lovely moments in your life. Fully experience them...!

The Wheel of Fortune also indicates a critical turning point. Individually we need to look out for opportunities that perhaps didn't exist for us in a pre pandemic world. Those who have been thrust into the unexpected or unfamiliar will now see this as an invitation to turn things around and take an entirely new direction in life. In the wider world of politics and society, we'll also see results about things that we thought would take much longer- a great tipping point has arrived.

 Direction Of Travel

The World

“And when man faces destiny, destiny ends and man comes into his own" ~André Malraux

By the end of June, we'll have faced big changes and witnessed some profound revelations. Some of these things we've seen, heard or experienced may have shaken up our belief systems, while some may have restored a deeply exhausted faith in truth and justice. What we should also have developed, though, is a sense of gaining more control over our personal world as well as the one outside. For individuals, it's time to look at and finally tie up the loose ends in your life- this is a time of completion.

In a very literal sense this card also means world travel. Slowly but surely people are on the move again. This time though, lessons will hopefully have been learned- particularly about the effects of mass tourism and large scale travel. Whilst enforced stasis has honed the appetite to meet people and see cultures across the world, it's also brought so many of us to a better appreciation of what's in our own back yard. After the first heady rush of new freedom, many people will be far more mindful about the impact of their own travel in the long term. We could also end this month with some very thought provoking-even dramatic-news concerning travel beyond our own world...

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