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Your Free Monthly Tarotscopes For April 2019

This month I've worked with the stunning 'Steampunk Tarot' by Aly Fell and Barbara Moore

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The World

Have you made huge efforts for not enough reward? Well, this April is a wonderful time when you'll get results. This is what you've made happen- so rejoice! Even if you still can't quite see the path ahead at the start of April, be sure that by month's end you'll realise some of your grandest plans. Don't be reluctant to let go a little, though- you don't have to do everything on your own. You may need to do just a little delegation..... 

Location moves and travel feature in very interesting ways for you this month, in both your professional and emotional zones. Links to other countries will provide you with some some intriguing possibilities!

Your Keyword This Month: Success

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer


The Empress

This month is about sitting back and watching the rewards roll in! Hard work, clever investments or your own efforts will pay off beautifully Professionally, you may find that delicious balance between doing what you love and earning a living. If you work with others, expect a far more relaxed atmosphere. If you work for yourself you'll be praised for your talents and widely admired for the way you present yourself.

This month, the less emotional energy that you expend on pursuing romance, the more likely you are to discover it!  Focus on enjoying the pursuit of pleasure this April-the rest will find you....


Your Keyword This Month: Indulgence

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aries


The Two Of Swords

April is a perfect time  for Pisces to take a step back and find some space. It would be of huge benefit to your emotional and physical well being if you can stop and consider what it is you really, truly want. This may make for a less busy or dynamic atmosphere around you, but taking time to think and plan now allows you to be ready for more dynamic times to come in the latter part of this month and early May.

Romantically, you'll feel less anxiety about future plans and you won't project all your romantic hopes and dreams onto one person. In fact, early April brings encounters with a few potential new lovers, but take time to get to know them...

Your Keyword This Month: Choice

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus


The Six Of Pentacles

April brings the balance back, Aries. As the first days of the new month arrive, so does a renewed sense of fairness in your life. Favours you've given to to others will now come back to you- and you'll be rewarded in turn. You may also find yourself examining your career motivations this month. An evaluation of where you've put in your greatest efforts brings clarity- you'll see where you need to re direct some of them.

There's more generosity in your emotional life this month too. It's part of any successful relationship, but you may have felt that most of it was coming from you! There's real change around partnerships. Close ones will finally step up- and give back some support to you.


Your Keyword This Month: Generosity

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aquarius


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The Star

What's on your wildest wish list? This is an excellent window of opportunity for you to manifest even your longest held dreams. Professionally, it's time to take the initiative and you can gain far more recognition for the work you do. If your professional situation isn't lighting up your skies- it's time to change it.  In fact it's a perfect month to take a spring clean to your whole life! If you travel in hope, you'll arrive in style, Taurus...

Light shines onto your relationship zone. Your hopes and dreams may not just be confined to love and romance, but to family and friendships too. Any discord between you and others can be made harmonious this month...

Your Keyword This Month: Renewal

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces


The Queen Of Wands

It's an energetic month, one ruled by the power of positive thinking, Gemini! If your life has felt on hold, then get ready for action- April finally marks a great big leap forward. Professionally, your talents are being brought to much wider attention and those who with power and influence are keen to help you or work with you.

There may be a sudden romantic frisson in mid month! Whilst this may not produce a long term partner - there's someone who wants to put some sparkle into your life. If  what you do want is a permanent relationship then state your boundaries. In fact, this month, make sure that all your communications with others are crystal clear..

Your Keyword This Month: Confidence

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius


The Sun

April brings in an atmosphere of celebration. Cancerians can expect opportunities for  greater recognition to arrive by mid month. In the outward aspects of your life these may involve directly leading a team or group or getting a big promotion in an organisation. You're reaching for the sky in your career this month and whichever way this manifests- it's cause for celebration!

Emotional life is likely to be upbeat too. Specific shared interests or career links will lead you to people you really can connect with in late April. For the single, Cancerian there's someone brand new for you - you can truly let go of your past.

Your Keyword This Month: Celebration

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn


The Page Of Wands

You've shown some immense dedication and hard work recently and really should congratulate yourself for your tenacity. You're now more than ready to own and guard your hard won success. April is a month where you'll have bright  new ideas that attract equally bright new admirers- and even further recognition for your efforts.

Emotionally, you may feel loved ones have been acting in a cool or withholding manner with their affections. On the other hand, it also may be you, Leo, who's scared or a bit reluctant to pour out your feelings! Be patient with those around you - and with yourself. Love will come to you as the Spring fully blossoms...

Your Keyword This Month: Inspiration

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Libra

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The High Priestess

April brings mental focus to your thoughts and actions. In your career zone, you may receive offers of assistance from figures in authority or people in senior roles. Listen very carefully and take note of anything they have to say to you- but then trust your instinct and do your own thing! If you've been avoiding any pressing financial situations this is a perfect month to apply a cool head and a logical approach to sorting out any problems.

Emotionally, some Virgos may choose to finally move on from a contentious situation, but it's important you allow yourself to heal before casting your energies full on into something new. However, late April brings some very positive new people into your life to restore faith...

Your Keyword This Month: Insight

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio


The Two Of Cups

April brings you  some calm and  some new connections, Libra. In your professional and outward world, you may find yourself being highly sought out for your unique insight and wisdom on specific matters. Others around you will be more than happy to show their appreciation for your steadfast support and great advice.

Emotionally,the most lasting connections are those founded on friendship and common interests. April's an excellent month for meeting someone if you're ready to go out and connect with with those who share your views on the world. Coupled up Librans shouldn't be afraid to pursue separate interests this month. Ironically,embracing freedom in your relationship will actually keep you closer than ever.

Your Keyword This Month: Connection

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Leo

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The Magician

Your mental powers and intellectual agility are at a high and for a normally rather wary- even suspicious- sign, you'll be eager to step into the unknown! In your working life there are new beginnings and a big chance to flex your mental muscles. If your career or outside interests are in a more creative or unusual field, then your talents and input will be very much sought after this April.

Romance is connected to social settings this month so it's a great time for you to get out there and spread your magic! Gatherings and meetings provide a wonderful chance to encounter someone who's enchanted by your slightly quirky way of thinking about life and The Universe... 

Your Keyword This Month: Adaptability

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo


The Seven Of Wands

Your professional zone is rather 'front and centre' in early to mid April. You may find yourself having to push back against those who test your your professional limits. Resist the urge to make an escape from any work situations where you feel trapped or other people are imposing on you. Be bold, be brave and stand your ground - toughness will win the day, Sagittarius,

The emotional focus of April is more about stability and commitment rather than drama and excitement. Your truest contentment will be be found in your established  relationships. Seek comfort and companionship from your reliable people

Your Keyword This Month: Tenacity

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

Please Contact Me To Ensure My Availability Before Making A Purchase

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