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As we greet February 2020 I've worked with the classic Morgan Greer Tarot

 by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan

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Four Of Pentacles

You may have to get out of your own head this month, Capricorn. As much as your sign often needs to know where you stand and prefers to have certainty, try to hold back on pushing things- and people- before they're ready. What you can and should do this month is spend time considering your own degree of commitment to certain situations in your life. Professionally, before you make any requests it's important to make sure that you've fulfilled all your obligations first. Connections-  friendship, romantic and professional- will thrive this month as long as you open up rather than conceal your feelings. Keep things clear and open. February is not a good month for keeping secrets and hiding away, Capricorn. With your finances, neither a miser nor a spender be! Again, the advice is to be open and if you need help with money matters- ask...

In relationships, it's vital for Capricorns to take a good hard look at your motivations. There may be a need to examine some of your deeper issues. Remember, a loved one doesn't need to 'complete' you. A partner should be someone who enhances an already healthy sense of self. Talking things out with loved ones is important now and can lead to  great relationship breakthroughs.

Keyword For February: Stability

Most Compatible In February: Leo


The King Of Pentacles

Finances and earnings may have been a stressful issue recently and some situations in your life may have given you some anxiety about lack. Well, this month will help  overcome some of your difficulties with money, Aquarius. Extra income can manifest- especially as you're at your most creative! Your most powerful strategy may actually be the simplest - cut your expenses. It's time to consider what parts of your spending goes on things that just aren't necessary. Balancing your books and storing your money will actually make you feel strong and  safe- rather than sad and deprived. Professionally,  there's a chance to enliven your working world! Don't be put off by critical words from others. February brings out your tenacious side and you'll stick to your guns and your principles. 

In your emotional zone, partners, family and friends may have seemed distant with feelings and affections. You may have felt  hurt and frustrated by their attitude so you in turn have been reluctant to show what you feel. For both the coupled up and the single Aquarius it's actually very important to guard against any jealousy or possessiveness in your dealings with loved ones. The advice here is keep positive and hold on to what you love- but not too tightly!

Keyword For February: Control

Most Compatible In February: Aries


The Wheel Of Fortune

It's a month of movement and renewal, Pisces. If you really desire change and opportunity then the Universe is  ready and fate will work for you - but don't hesitate.If you put events in motion now, they'll proceed rapidly. You can take charge of your own professional destiny if you grasp the chances February brings you. In your professional zone, it's an especially positive time for you to make big moves and an opening may arrive by late month which truly excites you. If life has left you feeling disillusioned or flat, then this month reminds you to pursue your dreams. There are great chances to expand your horizons, either through travel, study or further training.There's a turn for the better with wealth and finances too. You  might decide to channel this surge of energy into such things as house renovations - or even a complete move.

In your emotional zone, you may be yearning for some excitement. Happily, for the single, the late part of this month introduces some dramatic romantic developments into your life. Someone may unexpectedly declare their love or even make a proposal! There's a strong possibility that single Pisces might become deliciously distracted and  have your head turned by a romantic new arrival...

Keyword For February: Opportunity

Most Compatible In February: Gemini

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The Four Of Cups

Even fiery and energetic Aries needs to slow down and decompress sometimes. The problem for your sign can often be in knowing when this is the case! This February, you might need to admit that you're probably tired and have pushed yourself too hard. It may be an irony that you've been so good at things that you've created extra demand for your talents! You won't lose out by saying the word 'no' to some people, or by asking for help, so don't try to carry everything on your own. In work situations, it's vital for you to pace yourself. Financially,you'll benefit by looking at your money situation without emotion and making realistic plans to reduce any old debts slowly but surely- rather than in one dramatic Aries swoop! 

It may be the case that you've been avoiding an issue in your relationship which needs to be examined. You won't gain anything by pretending that there's no problem, but by addressing things you can move mountains . For single Aries, this might not be the best month for discovering the perfect and ideal lover. Don't pressure yourself about love - take some time out for rest and reflection. By late February you'll find much better prospects. 

Keyword For February: Re-evaluation

Most Compatible In February: Aquarius


The Knight Of Rods

Things might have been 'on hold' for so long that you've almost given up, but this month you can make a big leap forward. If you're seeking a new job, then the energy of February should draw an intriguing situation to you. If you have your own business or work for yourself in some way, the world still opens up for you. You should get some interesting offers of collaboration and an atmosphere of bright, new ideas will inspire you greatly. Even with this very welcome burst of confidence that February brings, you should still exercise a little restraint. Enthusiasm can be wonderful,  but impulsiveness and impatience- not so much!  When you have new opportunities and ideas, take a little time to check and decide if it all needs to happen right now!

It's a positive month in your emotional and relationship zone too. Partnerships are far more fun as passions are reignited! It's a month for moving the focus away from more practical and mundane aspects of your relationship and have more adventures instead. For single Taurus, it's the perfect month to attend social events which involve large groups of people, rather than smaller scale or more intimate gatherings. Putting your focus on the pursuit of your own pleasures this month will help you to attach far less emotional energy worrying about others and how they see you!

Keyword For February: Excitement

Most Compatible In February: Scorpio


The Page Of Swords

It's time to take a deep breath, pluck up some courage and discard the fear of making changes. For you. Gemini, the month has a strong emphasis on fresh starts and new beginnings. The most difficult obstacles to progress are so often the self doubts that plague us before we actually take action. On your career path, it's now time to take that  aforementioned action and the energy of early February should help you. Remember that we have to prune and cut away what isn't thriving so that new things can  grow and flourish. Conversely, if you decide to sit tight, then make sure that you speak up about any issues you have. With your health, this is a great time to harness the power of positive thinking to help you to finally get rid of any habits that you know aren't good for you. 

New starts are also favoured in your love life. Mid month is about clear communication and brings in a very honest emotional atmosphere. If you're in a relationship, there may be something about it that you want to change and you may be drawn to have deep discussions with your partner. Single Gemini, are well and truly ready to begin afresh. You might make a connection with a person who lives in a different place from you and be involved in some long-distance romance this month! 

Keyword For February: Communication

Most Compatible In February: Pisces

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The Queen Of Rods

The attention is on you this February, Cancer- and you should enjoy it! Career wise, you'll be given recognition and tributes to your abilities and may even find yourself being chosen for a leadership role. Success will manifest in praise for you and also in financial rewards. If you're actively seeking a new job or position then by mid month there'll be the opportunity to take a big step forward. Your higher visibility is bringing in new connections but even in this atmosphere of positivity, it's still vitally important that you take care of professional details. Co- workers or business partners may not be as focused as you so you 'll need to check all your communications and agreements with them. Well being and finances are also prominent this month. Nurturing your bank balance and your body will leave you much healthier and wealthier than you've been for a long while....

For single Cancerians, mid month brings someone who  makes it abundantly clear they're very attracted to you. You won't need to second guess their intentions. Whilst you may want to show your most desirable and irresistible side to them, better to slow down and just be yourself.If you struggle with setting boundaries, then this month it's vital you take care not to empty your emotional reserves. 

Keyword For February: Visibility

Most Compatible In February: Virgo


The Hanged Man

The early part of February is more focused on planning and resting and so it may not be your best time for taking risks and chances. Even if you're eager for change, don't rush into anything for which you're not prepared! Don't worry- change is on the horizon for many of your sign and by the latter part of the month you should hear more exciting news in your professional world. However, most of this month is really more about double checking facts, figures and small print. Take a close look at what others are doing this month. Whether these are your colleagues, competitors or even your close ones. By doing this you could avoid making errors or be inspired by how they approach things. If you don't observe, you won't learn.  With finance, take a slow, sensible approach. Don't give in to any wild spending urges! Keep your cash where you have sight of it, access to it and can control where it goes.

For both single and coupled up Leo, there's a calm and contented feel to February. It's not really a month for big dramas or emotional fireworks, but this doesn't mean boredom or discontent for you. Coupled up Leo should feel a deeper sense of appreciation for what you already have. For the single, February is actually a great time for love to find you. Being visibly content and comfortable with yourself is powerfully attractive. Single Leos will gain much this month by doing very little when it concerns your romantic life. Just be...!

Keyword For February: Calm

Most Compatible In February: Capricorn


The Two Of Pentacles

Virgos tend to thrive when there's balance and harmony in your life. If either of these are not present then it can actually make Virgo unwell. If all is not as fair as it should be, then early February is a time to make it very clear that you intend to reclaim time and space for yourself. This could resonate most strongly in regard to your work/life balance.You might decide to make a stand about where you wish to spend more time and be rewarded for your efforts! State your case factually and calmly and there's a better chance of receiving the rewards and recognition you deserve. Seeking the often elusive work/life balance previously mentioned, may also involve journeys in your search for better health and spiritual well being. Some of these journeys are more of the metaphorical kind, to calm your soul as well as your body. Some may be literal, as you take trips and travel on your quest for wellness and an improved life balance.

Emotionally you may have questioned if some of your relationships have tipped too far into imbalance and whether what you're giving is also being returned. This month, nothing is about the trivial. For attached Virgo, especially, mid February shows you what you may have learned from past lessons when it comes to relationships and how you can avoid repeating certain patterns of behaviour.

Keyword For February: Re-balancing

Most Compatible In February: Cancer

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The Emperor

Time for Librans to exert some influence and feel your power! Whilst you're unlikely to be involved in battles of will or clashes with others, you're really not prepared to be subservient to anyone. This is especially true in your professional life. You'll get noticed and also conquer any opposition without breaking your stride. If you've been thinking about a change of professional direction, the energies of mid February bring things into clear focus. Some Librans may be in search of complete autonomy and may even start your own business. Since February's energies are very much about taking control over your own direction, it's a perfect month for this. Success can sometimes draw jealousy from others, but don't allow any rivals or detractors to spoil yours. Look on any rivals or critics and try to be tolerant. This is a much wiser and more dignified strategy for you than responding to any childish or waspish words.

Mid February will bring new romantic prospects to the single, but do be careful - you may attract those who want to draw on your strength or wisdom!  Deep and genuine connections will manifest more strongly if you maintain a detached and rational approach to new admirers. That kind of advice sounds rather unromantic to Librans but this attitude could save you time- and heartache!  

Keyword For February: Power

Most Compatible In February: Sagittarius


The Six Of Pentacles

In the energy of this new month you should be feeling far more hopeful about the future, especially in your career zone. If you think you deserve bigger material rewards for your efforts, this is the perfect time to ask for them! This month brings opportunities for you to take the initiative and get recognition for what you do. It's a month that favours change-so if your current job or professional situation isn't making you happy, then take action. Use this month to focus on anything  you want to manifest. Spiritually, It's a great time to write a specific wish list or make a vision board. Pragmatically,  studying for extra qualifications or even completely re-training should also pay off. Try updating your resume or online presence. If you want more visibility or career autonomy then you should get rapid results, Scorpio!

This feeling of hope and expectation permeates your entire emotional zone as well. It's not just your romantic life, but there's a great improvement in the relationships you have with family and friends. If there are feelings of distance or arguments, be reassured that the willingness to forgive and forget is strongly present this month.You really can overcome lingering negativity between you and close ones in your life this month. 

Keyword For February: Manifesting

Most Compatible In February: Taurus


The Moon

We all have those times when we question ourselves or when we wonder if there's something not right. We may even be worried we're being paranoid! Well, Sagittarius,  this month you do need to pay attention to your intuition and not rely on purely on what's presented to you. There may be an atmosphere of confusion and hidden agendas around you, especially professionally. This doesn't mean that you should be fearful or mistrust everyone, but this month it's better to play all your cards close to your chest  with others this month. In your work zone, don't make any major changes unless or until you're in possession of all the responsibilities and issues around any situations.

Emotionally, you may feel much more sensitive than you usually do. However, even if aren't in full control of your moods and feelings, you can decide how much you want to reveal to others around you. Even with your close ones, try to keep your counsel and control  your words a little more this month - think before your speak. You may find enjoyment in more solitary pursuits. In romance,coupled up Sagittarius may need to remind themselves to be more patient with partners whilst the single are asked to be very discerning with potential new lovers ....

Keyword For February: Caution

Most Compatible In February: Libra

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