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For October 2019 I've chosen to work with the stunning Witches Tarot by the incredibly talented Mark Evans and Ellen Dugan

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The Four Of Wands

Health, wealth and happiness are all within your reach this October, Capricorn!  There's an increase of harmony and abundance around your professional, financial and emotional life. Professionally, Summer's laid back energy  is replaced by an action packed Autumn. In your career or outer life, a large organisation could be key in helping you to reach a higher profile or take a leading role- expect some exciting news about this in late month.


This lovely message of expansion and connection is also true of your relationship zone. October's a delicious emotional time- you'll meet like minds and make major romantic progress.  

Keyword This Month: Harmony

Compatible Sign This Month: Aries



October's about finding some balance. Many Aquarians may find a need for more separation between the outer professional and the inner emotional parts of your world. You may decide to make changes to the amount of time you spend in your working environment. However, rather than neglecting your career, October's far more likely to see you cleverly channelling your energies and working smarter rather than harder.

Emotionally, using your charm and diplomacy can work wonders with the most difficult or demanding people in your life. Solutions to the most long standing and tricky of disagreements can be found this month if you use flattery, rather than force.

Keyword This Month: Persuasion

Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo



You may begin October feeling frustrated about events and behaviour that have been beyond your control, Whilst life may not be as tranquil as you feel it should, this month has you making it clear to all around you that you're going to reclaim your energies. You can be fair- but firm! By the end of the month, you should reach a truly blissful balance with both career and relationships.

Calm also returns to your love life this month. You can show and be shown love without any more accompanying drama! While you may not feel overwhelmed by the demands of others, you still might be tempted to seek out a little more me time this month. Take it- without guilt...

Keyword This Month: Moderation

Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus

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The High Priestess

Your mental powers and intellectual agility are especially strong this month. However, for Aries the challenge is to use them to make careful plans, rather than leaping into new or challenging ventures. Holding back can be hard for energetic Aries, but staying detached and taking a long, cool look at situations will serve you far better than getting right into the action this month...

Emotionally, October will make it very clear to whom you owe your deepest love and loyalty and you'll take pleasure in rewarding close ones. Intuition will also tell you who to avoid. You'll have no time or patience for the gossipers or petty intriguers, Aries- you're way above such things this month!

Keyword This Month: Intuition

Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn


The Nine Of Cups

It's good to be you this month, Taurus! Professionally, you're attracting the attention of people who want to be associated with your success and personally you may get more offers than you quite know what to do with! As well as work and play, your financial affairs are set for a boost- especially with any matters relating to property. 

Don't shy away from celebrating any triumphs coming your way, Taurus, as you deserve it. Some advice here, though - don't over indulge in too much conspicuous consumption!  As well as safeguarding your health and wealth, it's important that people don't see your natural delight and perceive it as arrogance or boastfulness. Don't invite envy to your party...

Keyword This Month: Satisfaction

Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces


The Seven Of Pentacles

You can now reap the rewards and see the results of your previous efforts, Gemini. If you've felt exhausted or cross that all your striving may have gone unnoticed, it's great that you're due for some rest and recognition. This month you can pause- both metaphorically and literally- to take a breath. It's an excellent month for your money too -  try to invest any spare cash you have in safe and sensible places.

Feeling less pressured in your professional world will put the focus back on your relationship zone this month. You'll enjoy the extra time and space you have for your closest ones.  This month, you may choose to spend most of your time and energies with them. You can smile and take a gentle breath out, Gemini.

Keyword This Month: Respite

Compatible Sign This Month: Leo

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Lovers

Where does true happiness lie? This month it's on your doorstep, Cancer!  It's the company of your closest ones that brings you real contentment. In this transition from the long hot days of days of Summer into the cosiness of Autumn, you'll snuggle into a loved up atmosphere. Recent events may have woken you up to the fact that you've  been spending far too much time and energy on those who don't appreciate it, or you've been trying to please the wrong people. October changes this and you'll realise your worth to the most important person of all- you!

Interestingly, in this month your career path combines with your personal life and enables you to blend both zones of your life This month, business can mix with pleasure!

Keyword This Month: Connection

Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio


The Three Of Cups

This month is about inclusion, connection and gathering together with those who share your outlook and your enthusiasms. You can expect happy and lucrative career  developments in the mid part of this month. Leo can be a bold, fiery and independent sign, who doesn't always love sharing the limelight! However, a truly positive aspect of this month means that you may prefer to collaborate than to toil in isolation.


Recent events in your emotional life may have really challenged you and you might have felt marginalised or left out. It's a different story now, Leo. Your charms are obvious to others and your company is being sought out. 

Keyword For This Month: Unity

Compatible Sign For This Month: Gemini


The Star

You're inspired this month, Virgo! Don't underestimate the power of positive thinking  If you have any long held wishes or aspirations in your personal or professional life, October is the month in which they're likely to manifest. If your career has felt rather stagnant or stuck, the October full moon shines it's light on a path that will lead you to progress.

In your relationships, there's also a feeling of second chances or renewal. Your mind may be set on higher things and you  may have much less attachment to finding romance but actually this is a time when a very romantic possibility will present itself to you! Someone very sweet will offer you their undivided attention-and their heart!

 Keyword For This Month: Renewal

Compatible Sign This Month: Aquarius

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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Balance and it's vital importance to your well being is  something of a Libran preoccupation this month. You may decide to allocate more time to the pursuit of pleasure rather than toil away in the professional zone of your life. Sometimes it might feel that your Libran soul is on a perpetual quest for fairness in everything- from jobs to love affairs! This can sometimes leave you unsatisfied or dismayed- but not this month. Professionally, you can successfully negotiate flexible working arrangements or  get bigger financial rewards for your work.

In your emotional life, October brings you a chance to finally 'set the record straight' about a situation where you had felt really misjudged or misunderstood.

Keyword For This Month: Fairness

Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius


The Two Of Swords

Introspection and the inner world are very important for you this month, Scorpio. Respect your strong and initial feelings when you're presented with any choices. Don't put your trust or place reliance in the opinions of others when making any decisions. In fact, you may be wise to stop and consider the true motivations of some people around you. Whilst there may not be outright lies and deceit, there may certainly be some hidden agendas...

Emotionally it's also a time of looking inward. For single Scorpio, it's vital that you take a good hard look at your motivations in relationships. A partner should be someone who enhances an already healthy sense of self-so try not to look outside of yourself to meet or satisfy all those deep emotional needs.

Keyword This Month: Decisions

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer



The Page Of Pentacles

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and start some new projects, Sagittarius. For you, October is about ambition and achievement. It's also about attention to detail. You'll tap into your more focused or methodical side and leave nothing to chance with your professional efforts. Your financial health looks good too. An attitude of focus and discipline over spending puts you firmly back in control of your cash.

Setting boundaries is important in your life this month, especially emotionally. It's great to give to others- but not to empty all your reserves so you have nothing left and then feel drained. Practice generosity by all means, but learn to tactfully be 'unavailable' sometimes...

Keyword For The Month: Beginnings

Compatible Sign This Month: Libra

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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