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As the year turns to a new decade and we say hello to 2020, I've worked with my favourite deck-The Tarot Of The Old Path by Howard Rodway and Sylvia Gainsford

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The Wheel Of Fortune

January may arrive quietly, but very shortly you'll have a multitude of choices and might feel rather overwhelmed by them!  Don't worry- it's a joyful feeling. This is actually a wonderful month for new opportunities. Money matters have an especially lucky feel to them this month and cash could arrive from unexpected sources. In your career zone a golden professional opportunity may appear by late month and it captures your enthusiasm like never before! Keep your eyes open for coincidences and synchronicity this month, too. Certain people will appear before your eyes or in your life for positive reasons or to reinforce a cosmic message...!

In relationships and emotional situations, you'll feel powerful and confident enough to deal decisively with anyone who may try to control you. This isn't about having arguments or conflicts but more about how you can work with that Capricorn focus to bend fate- and people- to your will! Romantically, single Capricorn is in demand. New potential lovers arrive and will vie for your attention but it's a case of you deciding where - and to whom- you most wish to bestow it. For the coupled up, partners may spring surprises which put a magical sparkle back into your relationship....

Keyword For January: Surprise

Most Compatible In January:  Sagittarius


The Eight Of Cauldrons

January finds many Aquarians in a reflective mood. You may have deep desires about what- and who- deserves to be in your life. With your career, your relationships and even location it may be that the desire to move on is just too overwhelming, While you're likely to struggle with any decisions to leave behind certain people or situations that don't work for you- listen to your heart, Aquarius. As a sign known for having a logical approach, this month is a time when you should heed your instincts and just let your intuition run free when it comes to making those really big life decisions. You may feel sadness or regret but these changes will open doors to empowering  circumstances.

Emotionally, single Aquarius might be looking back and thinking about certain people. However, any rose tinted nostalgia for what might have been is tempered with a heavy streak of Aquarian realism! You won't be tempted to step back into any old relationship patterns that aren't right for you. Your romantic life is all about the new- as you'll see by late month. Those of you in relationships may have concluded that the effort in a relationship has mostly been weighted on your side. As this month and the year turns, so does your resolve to change this. Time to let others know that they need to step up and support you....

Keyword For January: Escape

Most Compatible In January: Scorpio


The Queen Of Swords

January is a high point in the Piscean 2020 - your mental energy is keen! Mid month is an especially powerful time when new opportunities will roll in. Really, this is a whole year in which Pisceans become busier in the professional and outward zone of their lives. If you don't currently have a professional situation then expect to be offered or find one in mid January. Genuine appreciation for your talents arrives- not merely as praise but as welcome financial reward. You'll have to be aware that, sadly, your success may bring some jealousy from others, As long as you know this is more about their own fear and insecurity, you'll be able to rise above it and treat them kindly. Being gracious in the face of envy will be a more powerful response. With all your finances, the keyword for January is vigilance. As dull as this may sound to you, the sharp eye you keep on your money will mean you having a cushion of cash through the year ahead.

In your personal zone, it's important for Pisces to realise that love for one's self is vital- not so much in the sense of ego or vanity, but by taking care about who we associate with and how we're treated. Setting strong boundaries in your relationships is a vital part of your emotional life this month. It's wonderful to give to others- but not at the cost of taking all your emotional resources and leaving you with nothing for yourself..

Keyword For January: Clarity

Most Compatible In January: Libra

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You'll feel far more confident and in control this month, Aries, especially if you've been embattled or encountered lots of obstacles. However, even though you're getting to grips with life this month, be careful about trying to change too many things at once. In early January, it's important for you to avoid being too harsh with certain people around you- even if they really deserve it! Use kind words, exercise consideration and you'll win them over. By late January you'll have your chance at last to resolve any unfair or unjust situations. When it comes to finances, this is a good time for any investments you've made- especially with property. You may discover something you own could bring you far more profit than you think. By the end of this month, money should be mounting up and you can feel secure. 

In your relationships, the issue of trust is an important one this month. You may have recently learned profound emotional lessons about displaying it and having faith in others. What you now know is that it's better for you to always address any issues up front and talk them out openly -not just trust that things will just improve on their own. In all romantic situations, avoid mind games. Be very honest and that's what you'll attract in return.

Keyword For January: Control

Most Compatible In January: Virgo


The Nine Of Rods

As 2020 begins, your main attitude is that of resolution and determination. You're in no mood for the whims of others, Taurus, especially in your career zone. January sees you testing your strengths and you may find yourself pushing back against anyone who tries to put limitations on you or your ambitions. Let them dare..! With January's energy you'll have the strength and willpower to face down any individuals or organisations who attempt to control you or dictate to you in any way. In your working and outer life, this attitude may well win you a promotion or a move that propels you to a bigger role. Don't hang back. Now is not the time to put barriers up or to impose limitations on yourself. If you're offered big opportunities- grasp them immediately! 

Things may be a little rocky in love and romance at the start of the month. Loved ones might test your boundaries -and your patience! By January's end, though you should find established relationships are strengthened, people will behave and communicate with you in a much less emotional and far more rational way. Taurus should feel loved and secure in the affections of partners. Close ones will show their feelings to you in smaller, practical ways rather than by making big dramatic gestures.

Keyword For  January: Resolve

Most Compatible In January: Gemini


The Empress

Sigh with relief and say hello to some abundance, Gemini! In January, you should enjoy extra financial rewards in the form of salary raises, bonuses or even an unexpected windfall! By the end of this far more lucrative month, you can enjoy planning or spending on indulgences such as vacations or beautifying your home. Some of you may also resolve that the start of 2020 is the perfect time to give yourself that make over or cultivate a new image. Have confidence in your career this month, too. Professional life is prominent in 2020 and you may find yourself the focus of attention. Colleagues and contacts are drawn to you because of  your skills or attitude. For any of you seeking new professional positions, mid January brings tempting offers. It's good to be you- and with you- this month!

Love is also abundant for you this month. Partnerships  are all about commitment and closeness. If you want to start or expand a family, this month has a very powerful energy. If family and fertility is not your focus, then be aware of this and take extra care, Gemini! For the single,  it's social situations- rather than those connected to your career- that provide the background for you to meet a compatible soul in mid month It's likely that the person will be completely new to you, and not 're visiting' you from your past. It's onward to fresh romantic pastures for you, Gemini..!

Keyword For January: Plenty

Most Compatible In January: Taurus

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The Guide

For Cancerians, January isn't a time for wild carousing but relaxing back into what's tried and trusted. Use these calmer, slower energies of this month to investigate and research anything which involves making changes to your life. This energy is very present in your professional and financial life, where a sensible and careful approach will bring you better results. Finances are a key area which will really improve for you in January and in 2020 but this is conditional on your own measured efforts. Professionally, it's best not to make big changes to the way you've been doing things. The long term reward for staying with the familiar is that you'll consolidate your reputation and that's the key to opening the door to bigger things for you in the next two months. By all means be ambitious for your future but don't expect results to arrive at the speed of light! 

In your romantic life, you may begin this month keen to find security in your relationship. If you're unsure about a significant other, do some questioning but don't become obsessive! Single Cancerians may be attracted to someone who appears distant or unapproachable. Be honest with yourself if an attraction you feel for a new person is too one sided. You need to be nurtured or very soon your warm Canceran feelings will cool....

Keyword For January: Consideration

Most Compatible In January: Leo


The Two Of Pentacles

You should factor in some thinking time this January, Leo. You'll become more energised by balancing some solitude with socialising as you begin 2020. So, if it's at all possible, use the early to mid part of this month for some rest and recreation. Both your mind and body will gain hugely from this and you'll be raring to go and to tackle those busier professional times that are ahead for you in the next two months. It's in the latter part of January that some big changes for the better will manifest. Be bold - even lavish- when you're presenting yourself to any new professional  connections. Avoid being overly modest or selling yourself short to anyone you want- and need- to impress. Even if you're already happy in your established situation, there'll be chances to improve both pay and conditions. Respect yourself enough to negotiate for them! By late January into early February you'll be happy to bask in some spotlight and to take the credit for your skills.

Attached Leos may be wrapped up in your cosy world of coupledom, in which case you may not want to interact much with those outside your bubble! Focusing on your own happiness isn't selfish, but don't ignore the outside world. Single Leo should consider going to new, unusual places outside your comfort zone. Love waits there...

Keyword For January: Rebalancing

Most Compatible In January: Cancer


The Page Of Rods

January always heralds fresh starts but this is especially true for you, Virgo. You should feel invigorated, bold and ready to make the changes many others might lack the courage to enact. Virgo can so often be plagued by self doubt but that's balanced out by your intense desire for knowledge and discovery. Some of your proposed new plans may cause you to part ways with people in your emotional and professional life. It's true that sometimes we have to cut away the old to let new things emerge and flourish, but don't get so carried away that you hurt people or live to regret your actions. Career wise, this is a time of taking a radically different professional approach- do you stay, move or even strike out on your own? If staying is your choice, make sure that you speak up about anything that's been bothering you. If you're feeling underpaid and overworked- then say so! 

There are potential new beginnings  in your emotional zone. Those in committed relationships might find that you really want to shake things up and may need to have some very honest discussions with your partner. Try a 'talking approach' first, before taking any more drastic actions with a partner. Single Virgos are also very ready to begin something new and exciting in their romantic lives. In the latter part of January you may be drawn to a brand new social situation in which you'll meet someone very honest and direct. They may pull no punches, but have no hidden agenda...

Keyword For  January: Action

Most Compatible In January: Aries

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The Queen Of Pentacles

It's time to show everyone how sensible and decisive you can be, Libra! As 2020 dawns there's a sustained energy of discipline and logic that governs this month and which then stays throughout the year. Keeping detailed watch on outgoings and noting the triggers that cause you to spend on certain things will make clear to you how you can really control and redirect spending. In January you can actually grow your finances, Libra. What all this potentially means is that long held wishes or aspirations can be realised as you can afford them!  Professionally, your career may have felt a bit stagnant or you've been getting bored by routine. Don't worry- this month your talents should come to the attention of someone with powerful influence. This person is likely to see your work and be impressed enough to link up with you or help you.

It's a great time in your relationship zone too! For coupled up Librans it's a time for remembering why you were- and are- so attracted to your special person. For the single Libran- less is more. It's a delicious irony that the less you actually attach your energy to romantic results- the more likely you are to obtain them. More than one new admirer will be hoping that you look their way....

Keyword For  January: Success

Most Compatible In January: Pisces


The Tower

January may begin with a feeling of confusion around you, Scorpio. You may find that people around you all seem to be pulling in different directions. For many of you, this atmosphere may apply to both home and professional settings at the same time. Energy like this can really try the patience of anyone, let alone cool, analytical Scorpio. However, of all the Sun Signs, you're the one most able to navigate any chaos created by others. Think of January as your own personal snow globe -  one that's being a given a good cosmic shake! A specific conflict in your professional life may happen due to confusion about work hierarchy or who takes credit for what. As one who doesn't like to see others take what you consider to be yours, be extra sure that you keep really good records and receipts this month.

Emotionally, you may need to pluck up some courage and tackle problems head on if things aren't going well, but make sure your communication with lovers has precision and focus. It's too easy to argue this month, especially over distance rather than face to face. Make sure that you have all your facts right before making any of those dramatic declarations to others.....

Keyword For January: Change

Most Compatible In January: Aquarius


The Six Of Cauldrons

Togetherness and co operation have a big part to play in your life this month and in 2020, Sagittarius. You tend to love blazing a trail of your own creation but the chance to get together with others over ideas is going to bring new joy into your life. Your sign can be both resourceful and imaginative but sometimes you want things to happen so fast that you'll plough on without any advice or input of others. One of the more powerful aspects of your January is that you reach a point of realisation that it's much better to have a perfect and polished finish to something than a rapid result! Professionally, recent times may have been tough and you might have felt you were treading water. Whilst you've been toiling away and and putting in long hours, you may have felt that your 'message' wasn't being heard or enough appreciation was given. Your efforts haven't been overlooked, though and there's going to be praise around you this month- it was just delayed.....

The feelings of happiness in your career will flow over into your relationship zone this month. You'll gain friendships, alliances - and possibly new romance- through your work. Coupled up Sagittarius will want to share fun and success with your partner- January brings you opportunities to spend not just time, but extra cash with your beloved.

Keyword For January: Connection

Most Compatible In January: Capricorn

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