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I'm sending you my love and deepest wishes that you stay safe and healthy. It continues to feel energetically inappropriate to write Tarotscopes and predictions for individual signs.

This guidance that I received is for all of us as we try to navigate our post Covid world. The information which  I received in November is still highly relevant for December 2020-  so I leave it here.

The challenges the world faces at this time are still enormous ...

Again, I've chosen to work with the profound energy of the Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti. 

I know that my Free Monthly Tarotscopes have always had a loyal and regular worldwide readership who visit this page of my site.

I'm very grateful to all of you. Please know you can still book an individual reading with me just as you have always done. 

Please Contact Me To Make Sure I'm Available Before Purchasing

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Where We Are

The Current Energy Of The World

The Wheel Of Fortune

By now, we've all learned that the wheel of life turns. Certain events happen and we can't control them. These words from Shakespeare's 'Julius Caesar' feel especially powerful for us all at this time:

"There is a tide in the affairs of men, which, taken at the flood, leads on to fortune....On such a full sea are we now afloat, and we must take the current when it serves..."

It's certainly true that our world has huge decisions and weighty choices to make that can't now wait, but we must also factor in the vagaries of fate. 

We may not be able to control what happens but do remember -what's crucial for humanity now is how we react. 

The Fool

We can choose to pause, to listen, to discern and to make informed choices about situations before we act. On the other hand, we can choose knee jerk reactions and jumping in blindly. At this time it seems that many, many people in our world are choosing the latter option. 

It's vital we that we rein in impulsive behaviour and stop to take a breath before leaping in to action. The Fool can ignore good advice or have their heads turned by competing voices giving wild and conflicting advice. We're at a point when we can plan carefully for the next stage of humanity's journey or act on whims and take gambles with our future...

How We May Choose To Behave

The Six Of Cups

Some may say that trying to restore a degree of 'childhood innocence' is naïve at best and infantile at worst. The Tarot isn't advising that we see absolutely everything and everyone through a pair of rose tinted spectacles. 

Here, the Six Of Cups is just seeking to remind us of the joy we can feel when we help each other or simply see one another as other human beings, as people rather than adversaries or sworn enemies. The pandemic and the world's current political troubles could- ironically -be what helps us to finally reach a point of consensus and better co operation....

The Five Of Wands

On the other hand, there's an opposite path. Here, the Five of Wands makes another appearance! Right now  sometimes it seems like powerful forces seek to lead humanity down a road of constant conflict and agenda of 'othering' of one another. A population at war with itself is very easily divided-and ultimately far more easily controlled.

As I write, this is the more prevalent state of affairs in the world. but we have the power in us to do things differently. As Herman Melville wrote, "We cannot live only for ourselves. A thousand fibres connect us with our fellow men."

The World's Potential Outcomes


At this time we have an opportunity to stabilise society, perhaps maintain order and balance and to listen to common sense. It's not only within ourselves that we're being asked to remain calm, even in the face of the worst provocation or aggression, though, It's our great desire for this balance and calm in ourselves that will help us to achieve just that in an external state.

There's always a middle way, a path  - we don't have to keep polarising ourselves on the most extreme edges of beliefs, opinions and identities. We seem to live in a world that only listens to the highly opinionated or the controversial. However, a point in time has arrived in which we have a chance to be the peacekeepers, the balanced, the moderates. We should take it...

The Tower

Conversely, there's another road we are on the verge of taking, shown here by The Tower card.  We could face upheaval, destruction and chaos. If human kind cannot find common cause with one another this may be the future we must navigate. Our technological society celebrates the soundbite and seems to enjoy the spectacle of combat - but we can still pull back..

We must honour and preserve freedom and openness. That great responsibility that we must all bear is that which allows people to disagree with one another in both a civil and civilised society. It's what holds back the chaos. As George Orwell said: 

"Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows...."

The Advice From Spirit

The Eight Of Coins

Huge changes have happened and disruptive events have changed our world. 

The crucial question now is - what exactly have we learned from this? 

An even bigger question is have we learned anything at all?

 It's time to pause, to revise and deeply examine just where our world has been heading.

It feels like the greatest hope of Spirit is that humans can take all the experiences of this turbulent year and use them to genuinely re shape it's direction of travel.

Perhaps we need to take a long hard look back even further at our world's whole history -and to use a far more discerning eye. Instead of only seeing the past as a place where only bad things happened we must also remember the better parts of humankind's shared history. It's time to remember, but also to redraft..

"So hope for a great sea-change

On the far side of revenge.

Believe that a further shore

Is reachable from here.

Believe in miracles

And cures and healing wells..."

- Seamus Heaney

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