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In November 2019 I've chosen the classic Morgan Greer Tarot by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan

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The Fool

The arrival of November really fires up your energy, Capricorn and you may feel wildly enthusiastic about exploring new horizons. If last month got you thinking about change in your life and longingly making wish lists, then this month is all about making those things happen. Opportunities arrive that demand some big, bold steps- right out of your Capricorn comfort zone! There may be the chance to relocate your home or take part in an event that  showcases your talents. It's time to have some new adventures....

Your emotional life gets more stimulating with the arrival of fresh faces. The arrival of lively, vibrant new companions will help you to see yourself in a new light. Balance is always important though, so  try not to abandon everything that's trusted and tried in your world...

Keyword This Month: Excitement

Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius


The Chariot

You’re ready to grab the reins and drive your life forward, Aquarius! The energy of this new month urges you to take decisive action and you’ll find it much easier- and far more enjoyable - to move ahead with your plans. In your professional world, people may try some underhand behaviour or be less than honest. Don't get angry, but try to only share information that's strictly necessary and do concentrate your energy on solo efforts or your own projects.

With love and emotions, a close one may put a little too much pressure on you about your relationship and could test your emotional boundaries. Be wary of anyone who tries to move too fast or take you in a direction of which you’re unsure. Be kind but firm- and follow your own path!

Keyword This Month: Control

Compatible Sign This Month: Leo


The King Of Cups

As a Pisces, you can be tenacious but will generally use persuasion rather than force. That's not so much the case this month as you're going to make your presence felt! This doesn't mean that November is aggressive or angry but you'll show everyone the determination that makes them sit up and listen. Your authority is reinforced when people see your ability or expertise in a particular field - especially professionally.

Emotionally, it's time to take a much more 'grown up' stance. Close ones will need to show you that they have a more responsible or reliable side. You don't need to make stern demands, but being very clear about your boundaries and expectations will avoid confusion. 

Keyword This Month: Authority

Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Nine Of Pentacles

Good things come to those who wait - but for you, the waiting is over, Aries! Your November is one in which dreams are likely to manifest. If your career has felt rather stagnant it can now make a lovely leap forward. If you've been searching for a new career, the energy of mid month should bring the perfect situation to your door. November's energy also has a positive influence on your finances. While sudden strokes of luck or wonderful windfalls can't be ruled out -it's the work you've already put in that brings you lots of handsome rewards.

We all like to feel cherished and appreciated and you'll be shown plenty of both this month. Aries! Your emotional life brings comfort and feelings of security. Expect to hear a declaration of love or a proposal that leads to a  more permanent status in a key relationship.

Keyword This Month:  Security

Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo


The Queen Of Rods

Life becomes much more active in November, Taurus and you're so ready for it! Mid month is an especially powerful time when interesting new work opportunities will arrive and you may actually be a little sceptical at how easy this seems, Try to take the long view, though. Don't forget all those efforts that you've made in the past which have led up to this. Success is actually rather overdue for you- so enjoy it!

Emotionally, romance may emerge from a surprise source! For Taurus, new relationships are linked to travelling or even relocation. Even if you're currently partnered, there's a feeling of renewal or reignited passion in your connection. Either way, your love life-along with your confidence- will get a beautiful big boost this month...

Keyword This Month:  Vitality

Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio


The Eight Of Cups

November asks Gemini to decide what it is you truly want from life. You may decide to finally walk away from people and situations that no longer bring you joy. The urge to move on when it comes to your career, relationships or surroundings may be really difficult to ignore! As a sign that's renowned for disliking rigidity and routine you'll love the sense of freedom you feel when you take action. Residual feelings of sadness or regret will fade away as your eyes lift and you can look towards new horizons!

Making changes to your physical location could lead you to a joyful new relationship. November is one of Gemini's most powerful months for making moves and treading new paths- both in physical reality and your inner world....

Keyword This Month:Release

Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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You've weathered some storms, but tempestuous times have now passed, Cancer! Calm returns and feelings cool down. It's not only your inner being that feels this wave of content washing over you- others around you are now ready to compromise. If certain events have moved too quickly, November gives you time to think- and to talk- things through sensibly.

Emotionally, people around you are finally listening rather than reacting, so be very specific about what you want to get across to them. You should really feel deeply comforted by the love and support on offer to you. For you, love is about forging strong bonds and relaxing into stability rather than the explosion of fleeting fireworks! 

Keyword This Month: Moderation

Compatible Sign This Month: Libra


The Hierophant

You're getting serious this month, Leo. It's now time to acknowledge there are some things about which you know a great deal or for which you have a very special talent. This isn't arrogance, it's simply truth and pragmatism. Asserting your authority in this way is especially beneficial in your professional life, and brings fresh demands for your skills. In mid month, a large organisation could also play it's part in helping you gain a higher profile or to take on a more prominent role.

Emotionally. don't isolate yourself this month. No man- or woman- is an island! Actually, reaching out to others will really work in your favour, not just for the sheer enjoyment of seeing old friends and lovers but also by boosting your inner confidence, outward status- and business!

Keyword For This Month: Authority

Compatible Sign For This Month: Aquarius


The Page Of Cups

November's a time of beginnings for you, Virgo. Anything you start now- a job, business or a new investment -will pay off for you in the year ahead. You may also come to realise that you have lots of professional options and will come up with some very creative solutions to the nagging career issues that may have been holding you back.

Personally and emotionally, you'll conquer those nasty internal foes like fear of failure or a lack of confidence. Don't be too reluctant to ask for some support, though - especially from those who you've previously helped. Others will show you they're ready, willing and able to pay you back! It's also a great time for new love to grow. One particular friendship may blossom into a more romantic kind of love...

Keyword For This Month: Possibility

Compatible Sign This Month: Aries

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Sun

Let go and enjoy your rewards, Libra. It's time to have some fun! In November you'll have the chance to put aside the more practical and everyday aspects of life and pursue your pleasures. Your professonal life brings more cash into your life in the form of a salary raise or increased business and at the very least there's a very pleasing recognition of your abilities. You'll be seen by others as a success- and something of a role model.

It's a great time for your relationships too. Single Librans will thrive by seeking out variety in your surroundings- this brings you romantic possibilities who you'd otherwise never meet! For those already in relationships there's a very happy turn around this month. Old arguments fade, resentments are settled and life is bright again!

Keyword For This Month: Attainment

Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer


The Hanged Man

This month you may need to rest and re group. External events and other people may have totally monopolised your time and energy recently, so this is a month where it may be integral to your sense of well being to take time out. If you have a strong need to withdraw from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life, do so. This feeling won't last forever...

Emotionally, you may be more content with your own company than with your loved ones! Single Scorpios don't need to exert too much effort this month- it's more about love finding you! Showing others that you're very content and comfortable with yourself is powerfully attractive, Attached Scorpio should feel no need to make relationship changes or  seek out any external excitement.

Keyword This Month: Contemplation

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus



The Two Of Pentacles

You may need to spend time carefully considering your true degree of commitment in some situations, Sagittarius. Maybe you're not truly satisfied with how you're regarded or whether you're treated as an equal in your professional life. You might conclude it's high time you took action and brought back the balance- in your favour! If it's fair play and a level playing field you want, that's great- but make sure you're not acting from envy or ego before you make any big, dramatic decisions...

Emotionally, it becomes clear who you should spend your precious time with this month -and just who you shouldn’t! By mid month, you can begin to feel optimistic and trusting about your relationships. Certain disagreements will find fair solutions for you.  Romantically, coupled up Sagittarius may fall in love with long term partners all over again, while single Sagittarius may find true romance in a work or professional situation.                  

Keyword For The Month: Adapability

Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn 

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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