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Your Monthly Tarotscopes For August 2019

This month I've worked with one of my all time favourite decks, The Tarot Of The Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway

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The Sun

Embrace the new beginnings that are coming your way, Capricorn! All of those investments that you've made- with money, energy, time or love- are paying off this August. Mid month-around the 21st- brings a golden career opportunity, where a gamble will pay off. It's time to feel the warmth on your face and in your wallet...

Emotionally, someone's deep and abiding admiration  is made very clear to you in early month. You may have suspected and hoped - and now here it is. In a month where your self esteem is at an all time high and you're the centre of attention - this is the emotional icing on a lovely cake!

Keyword This Month : Success

Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini


The Page Of Rods

Planning and preparing for action is how your August begins, Aquarius. You want excitement- and you'll get it! Early month may see you making an overseas trip you've longed to take. A brainwave in mid month will help you to make a fresh start with money and career- but stay focused! Enthusiasm needs to hold hands  with realism..

In your emotional world, things will heat up. Someone who you may have admired from afar will turn their eyes and attentions toward you. Even if this happens in the most ordinary of circumstances -the passion and fiery emotions that result are anything but!

Keyword This Month: Daring

Compatible Sign This Month: Leo


The Empress

You're a go to person this month, Pisces. Your abilities are noticed and will coincide with an inspired new idea you have to promote yourself. There'll be great offers and negotiations in mid month. Around the 16th comes an opportunity for you to be front and centre stage! Receive it with joy- but check all the details.

There's lots of love to go around this month- but it's essential that a large part is your love for you. Someone's keen interest and sweet words will capture your attention in late month, but don't stint on the self care...

Keyword This Month: Indulgence

Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus

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The Two Of Pentacles

August gives you a little space and time to think- and to come up with brand new game plans. Your communication skills are finely tuned and you'll know just when to say the right thing -and when to say nothing at all ! It's not the time for major decisions or making big moves- but of creating the road map that gets you to that point.

In your personal life, you're treading a path towards stability. If things have been precarious with close ones, then you'll be relieved that there's much less juggling and jostling! You may need to adopt a mixture of bold honestly with some loved ones and very diplomatic softness with others- happily for you, identifying which ones will come easily!

Keyword This Month: Balance

Compatible Sign This Month: Libra


The Queen Of Swords

You're on something of a mission this month, Taurus. Your desires may be for instant gratification, but your logical Taurean mind will rein in any displays of naked ambition! You'll clothe the sharpest of words or boldest of actions in the soft silk of diplomacy. This is the approach to bring you admiration - and an intriguing work offer.

In August, you'll also see that there's truthfulness - and then there's bluntness. In your emotional life, your task this month is to use both with a deft hand! Someone may have been demanding perfection from you- but your desire to do your thing and be free may lead to you cutting them away. Doing so makes room for the new...

Keyword This Month: Incisiveness

Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces


The Star

You've got your sparkle back this month, Gemini! As well as feeling more optimistic and open hearted about towards others- someone will want to open their heart to you too. It's a month where you can banish fears around your personal relationships- as it will be proven to you that people really can be trusted. There's light for you, after the darkness...

New ventures are well favoured this month and many Geminis will be looking to start new jobs or businesses. If you already have, then there's a boost to success and to your earning power. If things haven't been going your way professionally, this changes. What you feared might not thrive will be revived!

Keyword This Month: Revival

Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Page Of Pentacles

It's time to really go all out in your efforts, Cancer .Don't worry though- August isn't all work and no play for you! However, the best way to realise your wildest and most imaginative dreams is actually by taking a practical and pragmatic approach. Even the most dreamy Cancerian will be more than ready to lay the solid groundwork that builds their ambitions into dazzling reality!

A more nurturing atmosphere arrives in your emotional world- even if it has to be you who makes this happen. You'll take pleasure in this feeling of cohesion and appreciation although you may take a 'no tolerance' approach to anyone who's not supportive or acts in a negative manner,,,

Keyword This Month : Practicality

Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo


The Queen Of Rods

Optimism flows back into your life, Leo and you can start looking forward to the future again. All this inner focus is reflected in outer changes. In a particular professional situation you might come to the conclusion that that you've outgrown something or someone- or even that you're ready to take your talents to a wider and less limited audience. If you're feeling disillusioned with your current career status, try to keep the faith! 

By mid month a specific event will provide the professional boost you need to take you to the next level and to leave you in no doubt that you're doing brilliantly on your chosen path. The biggest key words for you this month is 'empowerment'. You'll be the one who gets to call the shots about your life and it's direction!

Keyword For This Month: Empowerment

Compatible Sign For This Month: Aquarius


The Magician

Your energy and charisma are at a peak this month, Virgo -don't hold back on using them! In your professional life you now have the chance to make dynamic things happen. You should find yourself being the focal point of the work that you do. especially if it's within a group or team situation. So make some moves, try for that promotion and grab some attention! Your ideas should get taken up by others with great enthusiasm. If you've already achieved your professional desires but still experience interference and negativity from others, then be assured that any difficulties will vanish in a puff of smoke by month's end!

Emotionally, it's time to work some magic, Virgo. You'll soon win back any disgruntled or distant close ones. If you've been tentative about someone's feelings, loyalty or the direction of a relationship, then you can expect an almost alchemical change for the better!

Keyword For This Month: Mastery

Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer

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The World

You can enjoy some well earned rewards this month, Libra. These should take both financial and emotional form. There's a confidence and certainty to all you touch in your career and it's especially powerful for those Librans who want to expand their professional horizons. With money, it's an excellent month for cashing in on investments. You may find out that something you've bought or own or money you've put into a project or savings scheme is worth more than you could have expected. By month's end, you should be celebrating!

It's a great time for relationships too. An atmosphere of reward and rest this month means you may feel like putting aside some of the practical and everyday aspects of life and indulging in some fun. You won't feel like depriving yourself as you pursue your pleasures!

Keyword For This Month: Completion

Compatible Sign This Month: Aries


The Six Of Cups

There's an atmosphere of generosity around you this month- which should also extend into your actually being more generous to yourself! This month, your career and financial zone should prove expansive enough for you to enjoy and afford some extra fun and indulgence. You'll also rejoice in the company of close ones, who'll encourage you into following the pursuit of pleasure. 

For many Scorpios, your greatest delight is actually to be found in your relationships and social life this month. If you use the early to mid part of August for some much needed rest and recreation, your physical and mental energy will truly benefit from this and get you into just the right mindset for those more lively times ahead!

Keyword For This Month: Union

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius



So often, we can miss out on incredible opportunities if we're too caught up in our thoughts to take advantage of them. This month you're being asked to reach out and take the reins Sagittarius ! For some Sagittarians, grasping new chances may make the difference between living an ordinary or an extraordinary life! In your professional zone, you may be offered a sudden opportunity or move. Even if if this is rapid or seems daunting, it's a powerful time to show you can take the lead. The signs are good with money too. Your financial circumstances are likely to change rapidly for the better as you get money matters under control.

Romantically, this an exciting month! You 're likely to charm  someone new. This person may be totally different from anyone you'd ever considered your usual 'type', but go with the flow,Sagittarius.  You're in charge...

Keyword For The Month : Energetic

Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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