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Your Free Monthly Tarotscopes For June 2019

This month I've worked with the stunning 'Legacy Of The Divine' deck by Ciro Marchetti

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The Six Of Swords

Navigate ahead with confidence this month, Capricorn. Any plans you might have about moving home, changing job or travelling will go far more smoothly for you than in recent months. Your finances are heading for safer shores too! You can now think about indulging yourself more or even going ahead and making a big investment in something you've long been eyeing...

As well as in the outer parts of your life, June also brings focus to your inner journey. Optimism makes a welcome return and you can now see good things ahead. With love and romance, it's a perfect time for Capricorns to change routines and surroundings in order to attract love...

Your Keyword This Month: Recovery

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini


The Hanging Man

For analytical Aquarius. June is far more about not taking action or making lots of plans. If you're seeking a career change or considering making a large investment you're much more likely to get what you desire if you're prepared to wait it out a little longer. Delays may test your patience this month but you'll see they're actually a blessing in disguise...

Thankfully,June sees you feeling far more content with what you have in your emotional life. Aquarius in relationships should enjoy just being in the company of loved ones. You'll have no time for passing thrills or dramas. Single Aquarius can stop pulling out all the stops to attract romance. Stay calm, do little- love will find you this month...

 Your Keyword This Month: Contemplation

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aries


The Fool

There's a very strong opportunity to reinvent your reality this June! You may start this month positively itching to make radical changes to your life, but prepare to meet a few challenges about this, Pisces. Some people won't understand your viewpoint or your desire for adventure. Don't be put off, though. Confidence and enthusiasm will see you though this month and you'll blast past anyone's negativity...

Late June brings some exciting emotional developments for Pisceans. Your attention might be grabbed by a new arrival who inspires you to shake things up in your usual routines. Don't be afraid to take a chance - fortune favours the brave!

Your Keyword This Month: Adventure

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus


The Queen Of Swords

Your mental agility is at a high point this month and makes for a wonderful combination with that bold Aries character! You'll have a very clear idea of all that you want to make happen, especially in your outward life. By late June, you can expect serious professional offers from far more exciting  people or organisations that are really keen to harness your energy and your ideas!

Emotionally, June's also about clear thinking. You won't let idealistic notions cloud your judgement about people in your life. Don't be put off if this sounds highly unromantic, Aries. Sincerity and honesty will mean far more to you this month than the most honeyed  of words....

Your Keyword This Month: Clarity

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aquarius


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The Seven Of Cups

The start of June may bring confusion with it, Taurus! You'll need to work out the real motivations of people around you. There could well be vested interests or hidden agendas at work in the actions of even your closest ones. You're likely to be faced with lots of choices -or demands. Don't make any big moves until the latter part of June or until you have all the facts. Taurus. Take small, cautious steps rather than big bold strides!

It's better not to make any hasty emotional commitments this month either, even though mid June brings Taureans some tempting romantic opportunities. This is a potentially exciting month - as long as you don't allow yourself to get too  overwhelmed with options...

Your Keyword This Month: Choices

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces


The Page Of Coins

Planning and perseverance pay off this month, Gemini! The main focus of your efforts may be on more practical projects or your career ambitions. In your financial affairs you may find that you get far greater emotional satisfaction from conserving your money than by spending it! Whatever prompts you to make plans and plant seeds for the future, being prudent and patient will be well worth the rewards...

In your emotional life, you're drawn to take pause this month and to examine some of your emotional connections. You may try to revive some relationships -or to cut away those that aren't thriving.  Emotionally, what seems to be  most appealing to you this month are stability and security.

Your Keyword This Month: Planning

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn


The Seven Of Wands

Time to muster up some strength and determination this month, Cancer!  The actions of others may force you to have to defend your choices  or your beliefs. Don't be alarmed by these developments- it may be just what you need to get you out of complacency or people pleasing habits. Professionally, you may have to out perform others or show someone that you can truly deliver the goods. Don't give up-  having to raise your game is one of the best things that could happen for you..

Emotionally, you may have to remind some people to back away and give you more space. You'll certainly have a better sense of your own boundaries. They'll be very firmly in place this month!

Your Keyword This Month: Determination

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo


The Queen Of Cups

For Leo, June is a marvellous month! Your creative qualities combine with your sign's ability to relate to all kinds of  people and situations. You can be the nurturer but also take  centre stage star in your professional life. This month, many Leos will settle into that truly sweet spot where the social and professional zones of your life combine to bring success!

Emotionally, there's a period of prioritising. Are you getting as much love as you give? You'll cherish the people and  relationships in your life that bring you pleasure and make you a priority. However, you won't waste your time on those that don't! Real love is just as much about consideration and respect as it is intensity and passion.

Your Keyword This Month: Compassion

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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As a sign, Virgo tends to deal with practicalities first and  examine the emotional repercussions later. You can also tend to be a little too self effacing when it comes to your your own achievements and the rewards you deserve. June changes this! There's a focus in mid month on learning from past lessons and not tolerating anyone or anything that takes you for granted.

In your emotional zone and relationships, this month is not about the trivial - it may well be judgement day! Is there  any unfairness or imbalance with your close ones? If so, you may have to finally decide whether you'll work at something or you'll simply walk away...

Your Keyword This Month: Honesty

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer


The Star

Say hello to hope, Libra! June has you feeling ready to let go of the past - and way more confident about your present and future. Professionally, make a wish list. If you want rewards, then it's time to reach for the sky - ask for what you want. If your working life isn't bringing you joy, then June helps you realise that there's someone who has the power to transform it- and that's you!

This lighter spirit permeates your emotional zone. You'll feel delighted by people, rather than drained. Single Librans will be out and about- widening a circle of friends and admirers. Attached Librans will liven up long term relationships!

Your Keyword This Month: Hope

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius

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The Wheel Of Fortune

You may start June feeling burnt out or flattened by life, but  nothing lasts forever, Scorpio- even exhaustion! Right now, you may still feel trapped but this month you reach the end of what may have seemed an endless slog. In mid month, opportunities arise rapidly -there could be a chance to move somewhere new or to take a completely new work direction. Grab chances - allow yourself to consider living a different life....

Emotionally, there may also be surprises. The latter part of June may bring some dramatic romantic developments. Scorpios should receive unexpected - but exciting- declarations  of love or sudden proposals!

Your Keyword This Month: Movement

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Leo


The Empress

Sagittarians may find that they're the 'go to' person for wise words and generous gestures this month. It's lovely to be sought out, but it's also very important that you're nurtured and appreciated too! Thankfully, this June you're going to be given far more in your professional life. Colleagues find you inspiring and bosses will be ready to reward you for your output. You can be afford to be very confident about your career this month!

Relationships should deepen and are the touchstone of security for you this month. You'll feel  deeply comforted and assured of your place in the world and in people's affections, Sagittarius!

Your Keyword This Month: Rewards

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Libra

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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