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Rather than writing on each individual astrological sign, what I now receive and write here is insight to help us all navigate our post Covid 19 world. For November, I've worked with my favourite deck, The Legacy Of The Divine by Ciro Marchetti.

My Free Monthly Tarotscopes have always had a worldwide readership who visit this page of my site and I'm very grateful to all of you. Do know that you can schedule your individual psychic reading with me, as always. 

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Tarot For November 2021​

The Two Of Swords

The Present Time

"No passion so effectually robs the mind of all its powers of acting and reasoning as fear"

Edmund Burke

Regard our blindfolded figure. The cover over their eyes means that they can neither see the nature of a problem nor the solution. They are missing crucial information to make decisions or to move forward. So they remain in a kind of limbo. They have the ability- in embryo- to make judgements or to commit to s0me kind of action, but not until the blindfold is removed. In the current time it could be said that the 'blindfold' so many of us wear represents fear and our inability to function because of it's universal and all pervasive influence.

What we have to ask ourselves is how much this fear is truly coming from inside us-or how much is being generated and constantly pushed at us from outside sources. This card appears here to remind us that at some point, we have to make a move, to decide, to take control of our choices and direction. Avoidance will lead to inner conflict, fear and stagnation. Remember that you can actually choose to take off the blindfold, see the world for yourself- and decide how you want to live in it....

The High Priestess

Positive Influences

"In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power"

John F. Kennedy

This card comes with an invitation-it invites us to make choices with our best knowledge, to be fully aware of all possible implications and consequences. Our High Priestess also comes with a message of awakeningShe asks you to wake up to the fact that the world is not always as it seems on the surface. There are hidden influences beneath everything. Our challenge is seeing them! When things that are presented to you as truth or facts seem somehow 'off' or activate some kind of alarm bell deep inside you, then know this is for a reason.

Our High Priestess card heralds some kind of spiritual awakening or illumination. Inside, we need to start tuning in more to our intuition and listening to it, but she also represents the power that lies in detachment from the outer world. In a society bombarding us with with endless 'information' and conflicting opinions she reminds us of the power of thinking for ourselves. She encourages us to withdraw from the fray and to take a deep breath. Our High Priestess asks us to slow down, to listen to ourselves and to learn to truly trust our intuition...

The Two Of Cups

Actions To Consider

"A small group of determined and like-minded people can change the course of history"

Mahatma Gandhi

Great partnerships are built on true union. At this time the advice is to find friends, partners and colleagues that share your goals and beliefs. This card also invites and heralds collaboration and union with others. This may be about creative projects social endeavours or to effect societal changes. When we work and speak collectively and towards a common goal for the greater good of others, we can achieve an enormous amount! So much more than with just a lone voice. At this time sharing your energy and passion with a like minded community will bring you results- and great emotional comfort...

Wherever this happens- in your personal life, social life or work life- knowing that someone understands you, has the same values and most importantly has your back will be a huge source of strength for  so many of us in these days. In tough times, people going through challenges really need to have those around them in whom they share kinship and have trust. If you don't currently have them and you need to reach out and find them- then this card indicates that you soon will. You are not alone!


Direction Of Travel

"Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look"

Marcus Aurelius

Here we see the image of a calm, serene woman who sits enthroned in her power, surrounded by the wild beasts she has tamed. The wild beasts here are symbolic - we aren't being asked to actually tame lions and tigers! What  they represent on this card is the mastery of our inner natures and of our more basic feelings of anger, rage, fear and shame. The card urges us to gently exert control over these fiercer reactions and emotions. Recognise that this isn't about supressing our natures, but tells us that we can choose to take a breath and channel this energy in more far more constructive- and instructive- ways.

If we look back at history we can and should marvel at human ability to overcome great trials and obstacles. Be inspired by this. Our inner strength as human beings can and will overcome fear. Know that we all have what it takes to see this current situation through to it's eventual - and inevitable- end.  It's also true that when we find this reserve within ourselves we can in turn reach out to so many others who need our strength to help find and release their own...

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