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Rather than writing on each individual astrological sign, what I receive and write here is universal insight to help us navigate our world. For my May reading I worked with the beautiful Tarot Of The Old Path by Sylvia Gainsford and Howard Rodway.

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         Tarot For May 2022

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May is set to be an interesting month! On the 10th, Mercury goes retrograde and doesn't go direct until June 3rd-we're in 'shadow retrograde' either side of this time. As the planet of communication, Mercury retrograde can be ruled by confusion and misinterpretation. As well as all forms of communication, Mercury is also associated with negotiating, buying, selling, contracts, documents and travel. All of these things can be affected during Mercury retrograde

Obviously, we simply can't avoid things like signing contracts, making important decisions or launching new ventures until Mercury retrograde has passed! What we can do is to factor in extra time in all our dealings to thus allow for any delays and challenges. We can take extra care to pore over fine details, double check all our plans and keep a watchful eye on all of our financial transactions.  

The Seven Of Rods

The Present Time

“The right of self-defense never ceases. It is among the most sacred and alike necessary to nations and to individuals"

~ James Monroe

It's interesting in the light of what I've written above about being careful with communication during Mercury retrograde that this card should be the first drawn. The Seven of Wands appears when we need to hold a firm position or stick to our guns about points of view. We may feel a strong wish to voice our opinions in a very public way. It's only right in any free society that we're able to do this. However in May's slightly skewed climate there may be a lot of conflict around the issue of being able to express truth and opinion. So this month, we have to be extra careful not to misspeak and be prepared to support any views that we hold or arguments that we have. Back yourself and continue to stand firm in your convictions- but have your evidence and receipts at the ready!

In keeping with all of the Mercury Retrograde advice above, the Seven of Wands encourages us to identify potential threats before moving ahead with plans. Prepare a ‘worst-case scenario’ strategy. Reflecting the card's image is also the need this month to mark out- and reinforce-clear boundaries around what we find acceptable and what we don't. This is not a month where we'll allow others to take advantage or mess with us! May is a time for us personally and in wider society to battle for what we believe in and to confront those who may oppose or threaten us- but we need to do so with a full armoury of facts, figures and finances.


Underlying Influences

“On the whole human beings want to be good, but not too good, and not quite all the time"~ George Orwell

I've worked with the Tarot Of The Old Path this month but in other decks this fifteenth card of the Major Arcana is called 'The Devil'. Just like in other decks, this card represents our shadow selves-the dark side of all our natures. It also represents the external factors that can so often hold us back from being our best and brightest selves. This interpretation of the card has a more 'understanding' energy-one that addresses that duality within all of us. and our tendencies to be tempted by outside influences. Humans can be both angel and devil from one moment to the next! 

The card reflects understanding of human frailty but it also carries a warning- don't  lull or fool yourself into believing you have no control over your shadow self or negative side. This is a card that empowers us to see. When we truly see what's in and around us we can break negative cycles. overcome addictions, leave abusive situations -and take back control of our lives. When this card appears it as an opportunity to really see those negative influences and be very conscious of them. This month, it's time to take action and free ourselves from their hold. Many of us will break free from internal tendencies that limit us, but there will also be a mass movement to also break free from those external forces that would prefer to keep us mired in negativity and fear...

The Guide

Emerging Energies

“Remember to preserve a calm soul amid difficulties.”


As we move further into May, the physical temperature is rising but the prevailing and combustible worldwide emotional temperature will start to cool down. As Churchill said “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.”. We will start to see a return of balance, patience and moderation into both individual lives and public life. This card-also known as 'Temperance 'in other tarot decks-sits in contrast to the Temptation card above but reinforces it's message that individuals and societies can arrive at a place of equilibrium, A place where we can overcome baser instincts and fear. 

In many conversations we may have had or in comments we may read or hear, an oft repeated refrain seems to be 'the world's gone crazy'. Indeed, it might seem like we've lived-and are still  living-through a period of chaos and what could be viewed as a type of collective madness. The message of this card is that while we are actually progressing toward a more sane and stable time for our world, we're not quite there yet, However, we can help accelerate the process. Exercising patience and exuding calm in our dealings with others is not weakness-it's an effective and powerful way of not being drawn into base energy conflicts or engaging with extremes. Even the most irreconcilable opposites can be reconciled or darkness defeated if enough of us on this planet aspire to a good life.

The Sun

Direction Of Travel

"Better times perhaps await us who are now wretched"


We have all  been through a difficult time, but The Sun card brings us the message that things can and will  get better, Even through the challenges of the last few years one of the upsides is that so many people discovered who they truly were, what they believed and what they would stand for. The energy of this card is akin to the light that breaks through the clouds after a bad storm or the sound of birdsong in the air, even after a fierce battle. The Sun also represents a light that shines on deceit to reveal the truth. In this time we can expect the start of a period of unravelling for some ideologies that have held sway or revelations about those who have sought to control or oppress others. Ironically, this light may first of all break through from the actual physical sources and platforms that have been used to facilitate widespread fear and division.

The Sun connects us to our true power –not cold, fear-driven power, but the warm inner energy that actually radiates through all of us and wants to connect us. A huge grass roots movement has actually begun-in the everyday lives of actual people, rather than in media portrayals of them. This movement is one that wants to create stability, forge connection and embrace joy. May brings us those first rays of light that herald the coming success of this. A bright dawn follows even the the darkest of nights...

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