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What I receive and write here is universal insight to help us all with navigating an ever changing world. This month I've worked with another favourite deck of mine, the classic 'Morgan Greer Tarot' by Bill Greer and Lloyd Morgan.

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September 2022

The new moon in Virgo happened on August 27, This particular new moon linked up with all action Mars and that combination with detail oriented Virgo should have pushed us hard to complete our tasks and get things done! Once that energy entered work, home and relationships, we should have ended August pretty pleased with our progress. The next full moon~ the Harvest Moon~ arrives on September 10th in Pisces. A Pisces full moon can make us feel so much more sensitive and our emotions and reactions can run strong and deep. Pisces is about compassion and empathy as well, we may find it easier to react in a more understanding or gentle way with ourselves and others. However~ just as a caution ~ we also need to be careful about certain people taking advantage of our kindness.

Our old friend Mercury retrograde is making a comeback on September the 9th for three and a half weeks~ so brace yourself!  As we know, Mercury rules such matters as communication, technology, timing, and travel. Retrograde periods can cause delays and miscommunications. My advice~ as always in Mercury Retrograde season~ is slow right down, re read all your out going communications before sending, try to avoid large or important purchases and triple check all plans. Then check them again...!

The Hanged Man

The Recent Past

“Nothing happens until something moves.” ~Albert Einstein

I've always loved the energy of this card. This classic tarot image of The Hanged Man is a figure suspended upside down from a T-shaped cross. His view of our world has a different perspective. Colours are important here- the red represents human emotions and physicality, the blue represents our inner knowledge and our innate connection to higher energies. What we really should bear in mind and consider here is that he may have chosen this place. The Hanged Man reflects those moments in life when we can choose our surrender, to be suspended in time and remove ourselves from the fray until things change or our moment of participation arrives. This is where we have all been in so many ways- a world waiting for things to resume or to radically change.

For most of Summer, many may have chosen to pause and embrace the opportunity to pause and reassess. Others may have been forced to stop and re-evaluate. Often, the Universe will put things on hold until we either pay attention or change direction. What's about to happen is that after a hiatus many people and nations are beyond ready to release old systems, beliefs and behaviours that no longer serve them. We've been passive for far too long -even outright misled. Following a prolonged period of inaction or reflection will come a whirlwind of activity- where changes are both rapid and far reaching.

The Seven Of Wands

Current Underlying Energy

"Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the ability to cope with it" 

~Mahatma Gandhi

Our Seven of Wands card exhorts and encourages us to make a stand for our beliefs. It's now time to strongly mark out our boundaries for all to see. This coming month is a time when we'll have to fight our corner and hold our nerve. This energy is as true for World leaders as for ordinary individuals. Others will either persist in challenging your point of view or in trying to take you down, so September's task for many is to dig in and defend your position. Great courage, strength and determination will be needed- but the really good news is that the fight for a safer, saner world can be won...

For the unprepared, any opposition may catch you by surprise so the Seven of Wands card tries to motivate and encourage us to identify and assess potential threats before moving ahead with plans. Coupled with the start of Mercury Retrograde on September 10th it's vital to have a ‘worst-case scenario’ back up strategy to hand. However, for those who reach September with a clear 'battle plan'' not only will you achieve your goals, but receive praise and recognition for your efforts. For those prepared to take a firm position, there will be great support from those who are inspired by your courage. As important as this is for us as individuals, this will be even more apparent on the political world stage. The time for vacillation and equivocation has ended. Colours will now be firmly nailed to masts and engagement will commence ...

The Page Of Swords

The Present

"There are risks and costs to action. But they are far less than the long range risks of comfortable inaction"~ John F. Kennedy

This month, we should see much public unveiling of new ideas by high profile organisations and people. There'll be an unrolling of their vision and plans for the future. For individuals, our Page of Swords card tends to appear when we're exploring new ways of thinking. This is a month where we'll be inexorably drawn to ask lots of questions and to gather information. For most of us this will probably represent an exploratory phase rather than one of outright mastery- but it's vital that we gather enough knowledge before we confidently bring about radical changes.

The appearance of this card heralds the end of the period of stasis that was represented by the Hanged Man. So what kind of real word events can we expect?  In tarot, swords represent truth so we can expect some uncomfortable revelations about misleading or even blatantly untrue utterances by political policies and figures. There will also be individuals or movements that are prepared to take highly visible public action, These will actually represent and galvanise a previously silent majority. Public protests could become a widespread activity in many countries. Our previous Seven of Wands card spoke of those with the courage to fight for their beliefs- this card represents the more intellectual form of that energy and struggle. This is the kind of energy that will lead us to great, important changes in political policies and to the laws of nations.

The Hierophant

The Direction Of Travel 

“It is the responsibility of leadership to work intelligently with what is given and not waste time fantasizing about a world of flawless people and perfect choices.”~Marcus Aurelius

As September ends, more serious and embedded energies emerge. As has been said previously in many of my readings, we're reaching the end of an incredibly intense and challenging seven year cycle. We have lived through tumultuous times, where our sense of safety has been eroded and it has sometimes felt as if reality itself had been altered! Most people want-above all else- to feel safe. Socially and politically, there'll be much more support given to orthodox or conventional movements that offer us the restoration of this sense of safety. 

The Hierophant both embodies and represents this desire for guidance and wisdom. In times of crisis, the Hierophant will act to calm the fears of the masses and offer sage, practical leadership. The symbols of the Hierophant - the staff, throne, the hand raised in blessing- link to religion, but don't necessarily symbolise a return to religious conformity The card does mirror many people's profound desire for a much more ethical and moral guidance. We'll see the rise to power of new powerful leaders with 'firm but fair' political philosophies. If I were to sum up the energy of this card as representing the direction of travel, I'd say it has huge potential to create calm out of chaos, but also to show compassion and care. We have known struggle and fear but it seems we're at last moving toward a time of more common sense and stability.

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