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Rather than writing on each individual astrological sign, what I now receive and write here is insight to help us all navigate our post Covid world. This month I've chosen to work with the lovely Tarot Of The Old Path deck by Harold Rodway and Sylvia Gainsford

My Free Monthly Tarotscopes have always had a worldwide readership who visit this page of my site and I'm very grateful to all of you. Do know that you can still book your individual psychic reading with me, as you have always done. 

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 April 2021

Current Atmosphere

The Wheel Of Fortune

Across the world it's now just over a year since the spread of the virus and the massive shock to society. As well as the profound changes that the arrival of Covid brought, there now seems to be the emergence of other factors outside our control that may be influencing our lives. Many of us may feel 'swept away' by the many announcements or news stories that reinforce our sense of being overwhelmed by events or changes that we never saw coming.

There is another side to this though. Each day seems to bring yet more news that blindsides us, but if we are prepared to open our minds and be more enlightened we will- or at least we can- realise that while we can't control all of these events we can control how we react and respond. In your outer level of 'logical' thought, be prepared to investigate, to question, to research. Use your intellect to guide you. On the inner spiritual level, keep your energy high and trust your intuition. Many who currently feel adrift or exhausted may now rapidly bond with others who feel the same way. In this way we will be empowered to deal with whatever comes next...

Hidden Influences


In other decks the 'Temptation' card here is known as The Devil. The card represents the darker or more negative forces that can be aspects of our own behaviour as well as any that are prevalent in the wider world. This card often appears when there's deep  trickery afoot or darker agenda at work. Realise that while there are matters in the outer world over which we might not have any control, we can at least rein in our 'shadow' selves and not hand over our thoughts or power to base or lower energies and forces.

On an individual level, we may examine negative emotional or behavioural patterns that have been standing in our way. Now is the time to finally free ourselves ! Whilst we might not cast off the most unhealthy influences instantly or overnight and we may have to harness willpower and strength to free ourselves  -we will also learn that we can.  People are about to awaken to their own power to change negatives to positives inside themselves and the world....

Emerging Energy

The Queen Of Swords

The Queen of Swords- card of the truth-seeker. She has the mental acuity of the Swords suit of the tarot and the maturity and power of a Queen. The Queen of Swords is the card of those with the ability to cut away noise and confusion and get straight to the point. In April- just as the Temptation' card has indicated- many are moving away from fear or anger based emotions. We're going to awaken to our gifts of intellect and curiosity. Someone recently described this time as 'The Age Of Anger'.  As well as the Covid virus, the other thing that seems to be spreading across our world is outrage. However, there are many who are about to reject the trend of a raw visceral reaction to everything- as well as the methods used to spread it..

We may need to re learn how to use discernment and how to see  situations minus undue emotion. Soon though. we'll see seeds growing that may herald an 'Age Of Reason'. There will be many who are ready to decipher what's 'real'. They'll have little time for mistruths, distractions- or obstacles...

 Direction Of Travel


Here to conclude the month's tarot journey is the Strength card- underlining the message of renewed determination and power.  We seem to have become accustomed to being controlled by events. What we may have seen as shocking only a few months ago now barely seems to register on many. However, apathy and lethargy are starting to be thrown aside as we regain the desire for power over our lives. When the Strength card appears it's the sign of inner strength and determination- not a bombastic need to shout down or control others but a quieter influence and the power to stay firm ab0ut who we are and what we feel.

Expect to see push back against those who have shouted the loudest despite- or even because of -the crisis going on around them. Expect to see- and feel- a quiet determination to reject anything or anyone that attempts to harness fear as a means of subduing or controlling others.  

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