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Your Monthly Tarotscopes For February 2019

This month I've worked with the stunning 'Legacy Of The Divine' Tarot by Ciro Marchetti

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The Page Of Coins

You may have to make some pragmatic choices this month Capricorn. Fortunately your head will rule your heart, especially in your career. You'll enjoy discovering some hidden strengths and working past any limitations imposed on you or your ambitions. By month's end you may even earn a promotion or receive a lucrative new offer. There are also some projects with others which will benefit from your logical and organised energy.

Romantically, you'll receive sincere admiration rather than flattery and fireworks. In your love life, security and longevity should be on offer rather than passing flings....

Keyword This Month: Growth

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer


The Queen Of Swords

You're unstoppable this month, Aquarius! You possess extra clear focus and more than enough energy to lift any plans off the page and into reality. In your professional life, your ability to express yourself and your eloquent words should impress work connections. Remember to speak according to your audience though. Your intense focus could lead you to express yourself a little too forcefully for some more sensitive souls! 

Diplomacy's also your friend in romantic situations this month. There'll be moments where you feel strong words are needed. While they may well be deserved, take a deep breath and hold your counsel for now. Pause- and things will improve by themselves.....

Keyword This Month: Clarity

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Leo



February sees fair play restored, Pisces! You'll get credit for your recent efforts and hard work. This month isn't just about fairness but also satisfaction. There's a real opportunity to turn something you really love doing into a way of earning a living.  The bank balance may have  been challenging for you recently but February brings some improvement and increase. Hard work and your own efforts to cut back spending will greatly reward you.

Emotionally, you may find yourself sticking firmly to your beliefs - you won't be prepared to compromise for others.If you've had conflicts, February helps you decide if you want to stick with a particular situation or cut your losses...

Keyword This Month: Fairness

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo

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The Hanging Man

Your February is more focused on planning and patience. Even for all action Aries, this is a much smarter use of your energy than tearing around starting new projects or chasing excitement. Even if you're eager to make changes or go on adventures, try not to give in to your impulses this month. You really do need to take time to check all the small details before making decisions.

This month, the best strategy for the emotional well being of Aries is to take time out to rest and refocus. Create some space for yourself to enjoy quiet time. As much as you may love being right in the centre of things, acknowledge there's a need to tune out from others and their demands.

Keyword This Month: Patience

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius


The Six Of Swords

It's time to focus on the future and not stay mired in the past, Taurus. February's about where you're heading, not where you've been. Indeed, you may already know which situations no longer work and need to come to an end. Outwardly, this month may bring moves of home or changes of job as well as your emotional state shifting toward optimism and healing. Keep the faith, by the end of the month you'll arrive at a much better place.

If you're a single Taurus and want to meet someone new then change your routines and your surroundings. Even for attached Taureans, journeying to new places and locations revitalises your relationship and brings back a touch of romance....

Keyword This Month: Recovery

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio


The Seven Of Cups

If you're in any situations that need you to be creative then this is an amazing month for you, Gemini.  You'll have masses of ideas in your head - but do make sure people know they're yours ! If your circumstances need order and focus, make absolutely sure you double check everything. Basically Gemini, this month you're going to have to be extra vigilant about your concentration levels- as well as getting all of your facts straight....

Romantically, you'll have such luxury of choice in your love life! This is a gorgeous time for romance, but you'll need to be totally transparent about what you want or need from potential or current lovers.

Keyword This Month: Distraction

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Libra

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The Fool

Boldness isn't just about taking action, Cancer, it's also about your ability to see yourself differently and consider which situations around you have to change. There's a fabulous chance to reboot yourself this month -as it'll be clear to you what parts of your life simply don't fit you any more. Once you make those deep and inner changes you can set about embracing new jobs, fresh locations and exciting people...

With love, you maybe drawn to 'test the market' before you make any romantic commitments. For attached Cancerians, expect some delightful spontaneity to return to partnerships. Loved ones will have adventures to offer you.

Keyword This Month: Boldness

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn


The Queen Of Cups

Your professional skills and personal qualities attract admirers this month. You're a sign known for social ease and a great knack of socialising and so this February's recognition and inclusion are a particularly pleasurable for you. If you really want to make things happen in your professional zone, mid month is an especially strong time -new opportunities will arrive from old sources.

Emotionally, your close relationships improve, as people around you will actually take responsibility for their own shortcomings. Niggling disagreements can be properly resolved and as the month draws to a close you can smile again!

Keyword This Month: Compassion

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aquarius


The Empress

You're attracting abundance and admirers this month, Virgo. Professionally, expect a satisfying expansion of both your role and reputation. By the end of February you should also reap better financial results. Salary increases, bonuses or promotions are all on their way. While it's nice to be noticed and earn rewards, this can be a challenge for modest and un-showy Virgos. While you won't need always be in the glaring spotlight you do need to accept and acknowledge any praise due.

In February, love is deliciously fertile. Relationship bonds become deeper and closer. Your powers of attraction are also blossoming this month, Virgo. Don't hold back. If you're single, it's the perfect time to change this...

Keyword This Month: Results

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces

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The Star

February is a month of light and optimism, Libra!  Your professional life should be especially positive and you can expect to be much in demand. Even if  you're not actually looking for a new professional opportunity, late month could bring you a very tempting possibility. Even though your current working life may bring you pleasure, this new chance may allow you to have a better division of time between your professional and personal life.

For single Librans this is a wonderful month to widen your horizons. Venture out further than usual and you'll meet someone who's truly tune with you. If you've been unsure of a partner's feelings you can expect the kind of glowing reassurance that gladdens your heart...

Keyword This Month: Expectation

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini


The Wheel Of Fortune

Time to move forward Scorpio! If the last few months have made you feel trapped, February makes it clear that all things really do change in time. By month's end you should be looking back on what's transpired with a real sense of relief. You can shake off dull surroundings or uninspiring individuals. Don't be ready!

You may feel the heat of sudden passion as someone new and full of energy is likely to turn up in your life. If you're ready to welcome  someone exciting, who takes you out of your comfort zone this is ideal for you. Even if you're not, it's nice to be noticed....

Keyword This Month: Progress

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus


The Six Of Cups

February's rather co-operative and creative for you! As the first days of this new month arrive, so does a sense of fun and adventure, Sagittarius. This is not just great for your emotional life, but for even more in your outward and professional zone. It's a fantastic time for any kind of work that needs creativity or communication. If your career's connected to more precise or practical matters, then it's really important that you find an outlet for your more playful side, away from your work .

There's also a big change in the atmosphere around all your partnerships, Sagittarius, You'll be shown love and and see how you're valued by others. You won't slide back into any negative emotional or relationship patterns.

Keyword This Month: Goodwill

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Aries

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get Your In Depth Reading With Me

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