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As we bid farewell to 2019 this December, I've worked with the gorgeous Tarot Illuminati by Erik C. Dunne. I also have a Special December Offer for you of £10 off your reading !

See below. Offer ends December 31st

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£10 Off Your In Depth Reading With Me 

Offer Ends December 31st

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The Two Of Cups

Is there one issue or person that's taking up your energy at the expense of the rest of your life?  It could really be that drastic for so many Capricorns at the moment! Thankfully you’re due an emotional 'energy surge' that will really help you find a solution this month.  Even if you're not being totally drained dry by someone or something, December is your chance to bring better life balance to your professional and private life. This month may well see you taking names- but in that way you'll streamline life and relationships with Capricorn cool and efficiency...

For you, December is very much about "love the one you're with". Your festive season will be so much better spent nurturing your connections with your close ones, than running around seeking excitement or validation through external sources. There are people who love and care for you and have no other motive than your happiness. If you really can't see who these people are yet, then by the end of the year their identities will be very clear to you.

Keyword For December: Inclusion

Most Compatible In December: Cancer


The Queen Of Wands

For Aquarians, the warmest place to be this month may be by your own hearth. No- this doesn't mean that you can't leave your home this December! What it means is that it's all the connections with your closest ones that will bring you the most joy. There's so often a really tricky emotional transition from colourful holiday festivities to the starker realities of the New Year. However, for Aquarius this time is about to bring warmth back into your life. Arguments can be hugged out and after that you can instead embrace an atmosphere of celebration. In your outward life, expect opportunities to step up in late month. This could involve your being given a position or a promotion that puts you in greater authority in your workplace or outer zone. Try to be a benevolent ruler though, Aquarius!

Emotionally, as the old year turns partners so want to show that they can give love unconditionally. This won’t just be kind words and loving gestures - expect proper, tangible action. Single Aquarians should find someone new and hot to snuggle with up by mid month...!

Keyword For December: Celebration

Most Compatible In December: Sagittarius


The Ten Of Wands

As December arrives you might feel rather overwhelmed by the burdens you're carrying, Pisces. The demands that come from both your emotional and professional life may have seriously tested your ability to both stay standing or solvent! This is actually a wonderful month to finally get clear about boundaries and to set your intentions for the future. Pisceans usually tend to seek out the more subtle  solutions but you'll need to tackle matters head on this month and speak out. You can get to the heart of things with others - but do have all your facts right and evidence to hand. The Festive Season can actually be just that if everyone is clear about what they need to do or how to behave- including you!

For coupled up Pisces, conflict between you and close ones in early month might be more about deep emotional choices rather than any practical reasons. Single Pisces need to be extra clear to others what you want or expect from all your relationships. It’s very lovely to have excitement in your love life, but not at the expense of fairness, balance or your freedom...

Keyword For December: Unburdening

Most Compatible In December: Scorpio


£10 Off An In Depth Reading With Me

Offer Ends December 31st

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The Star

Look up to the heavens and be happy, Aries. In December, you can finally unleash all those hopes and aspirations.  What will you put on your Christmas wish list? Well, if you'd like more money, then you can now take that leap of faith and ask for more rewards for what you do. Whether you work for others or run your own show, you’ve got the will to work wonders and get more financial results. It's time for innovation Aries!  You don’t have to keep doing things in the same way. Take a chance on a change of approach or an elegant new image for yourself. Reach out and try as many new things as you can and new opportunities will reach out to you in return. You're as capable and worthy as anyone else, Aries- but then you always knew that, didn't you ?

With romance, single Aries should find a true connection in all that Festive Season mingling! As long as you don’t place new love interests on a pedestal and do remember that no-one's  perfect. Coupled Aries might want to push and pursue your much treasured freedom this month - remember that partners deserve some of that too! 

Keyword For December: Optimism

Most Compatible In December: Libra


The Chariot

As the first day of December dawns, you may find yourself feeling restless. You might feel ready to discard your past and eager to head to your future. Many Taureans really won't want to remain rooted in old ways of living and attitudes. Thus, early December sees the emergence of a more daring side to your personality! Making changes and having adventures may be your brand new mantra in a dynamic month. Energy you show this December may shock those around you- especially if they’ve been accustomed to your more sober side. So make sure a new surge of energy comes with a touch of moderation. This goes for finances too. Keep an eye on the difference between your out goings and earnings...

Emotionally, The Festivities bring you chances  to mingle! Unattached Taureans should encounter someone special in  social gatherings and feel a strong chemistry as soon as you meet. Partners of coupled up Taureans will really love your enthusiasm! Especially when it comes to giving a try to new activities or visiting unusual places.

Keyword For December: Direction

Most Compatible In December: Virgo


The High Priestess

December asks you to try and remain a little detached and thoughtful, Gemini. Even in the midst of the Holidays, its better if you don't rush headlong into anything. If even just the thought of a slower pace is frustrating for you, try not to give in to impulse or impatience as it can lead you to make practical mistakes or saying words that you can't take back. Professionally, keep a close eye on the actions of others and observe all they do before making your own moves. Watching and waiting means that you can avoid  their pitfalls or be inspired by their success!  Financially, even in this most spendaholic time of year, your sensible side curbs any desire for wild buying binges. Trust me,you'll be so glad in January .....

For the attached Gemini, the month is less about making changes to your relationship and more about appreciating what you have and quietly enjoying your togetherness. For the single, December is actually a time when love will find it's way to you- you won't have to plead for it..!

Keyword For December: Restraint

Most Compatible In December: Leo


£10 Off An In Depth Reading With Me

Offer Ends December 31st

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The Prince Of Swords

Here comes December but you might be feeling less like celebrating Christmas and more like going into combat! Many Cancerians may feel like you want to be more in charge of your destiny and will make that very clear to all around you. This doesn't mean that December is a month of aggression, You'll show the kind of determination and fire that's more likely to make people sit right up and listen to you than argue with you. Your  communication. clarity and good judgement peak, so you should- at last-  be able to express yourself without being misinterpreted! Efforts that you've already put in will come back to you- particularly if you've expended your energy improving your skills or searching for brighter professional opportunities.

In your emotional life, those closest to you will respond to a more assertive stance from you by showing you they do have a more reliable side! You don't have to lay down the law with your loved ones - not at all- but being clear about all your views and desires will finally cut away confusion and dispel lack of understanding. 

Keyword For December: Clarity

Most Compatible In December: Capricorn


The Ace Of Wands

For Leo, December brings back your enthusiasm for life! The end of this  year is also the conclusion of a long cycle of hard work and concentration, where you’ve had to be constantly on the ball or solving problems. This month is a time where you'll not only get your groove back but will come up with some exciting ideas for your professional and personal life! Before the start of the next cycle in 2020 you’ll be ready to forge ahead with plans. You’ll have far more influence and control in your professional world, If you've stayed still or been where you are just for practical reasons, it's now time to do something that harnesses your talents in a far more challenging and exciting way. A  truly golden opportunity may arrive by late month which gets you not only enthused, but richer! Harness that bolder side of your Leo nature  and you can reap great rewards, financially and emotionally.

This month also brings fresh starts to your relationships. Family and friends will make greater effort to see things your way and keenly support you. You can also expect a flurry of communication from people you feared had just simply forgotten you. They hadn't, Leo...

Keyword For December: Excitement

Most Compatible In December: Gemini


The World

Kick back, chill out and cuddle up this Festive Season, Virgo. Even if you're not totally certain about what you want for the coming year, you won't get stressed out. What's gained with well earned rest and recreation gets you ready for your next big thing. Even a notoriously hard working Virgo shouldn’t be afraid to let go a little! In your professional life, you may still be nursing some feeling of resentment that recent efforts haven't given sufficient reward or that you’ve been overlooked. However, by late month your talents are noticed -by people who matter. Any icy apprehension you had about unfairness will be replaced by a warm glow of appreciation! Your finances too may have felt frozen rather than flowing, but this month brings you abundance. You'll feel secure and safe about money once more.

Emotionally, connections to far flung locations provide some intriguing romantic possibilities for single Virgo by mid month. Those Virgos in existing relationships will feel very relieved by a more joyful and loving energy between you and your partner throughout December. Expect to have your world rocked...!

Keyword For December: Expansion

Most Compatible In December: Taurus


£10 Off  An In Depth Reading With Me

Offer Ends December 31st

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The Emperor

It's time to take back control this month, Libra ! For you, December is about ambitions, achievements and showing people just what you can do. Lately, you may have been quietly drifting along a little, having to keep a low profile or just staying silent to keep the peace. No longer, Libra. The energy of this month helps you to take charge and to take action. As an air sign, you always enjoy using your  super sharp intellect, but this month it’s good to be guided by intuition also. Some people around you may manifest  underhand behaviour or be evasive in connection with shared projects. Don't get angry, Libra- get moving!  Put your precious energy into projects of which you're the sole boss. It's your time to be large in and in charge...

When it comes to love and emotions there may a situation with someone that tests your emotional boundaries. Woe betide anyone who tries to push you in any direction this month! You'll always have your famous Libran diplomacy, but you may not choose to use it with everyone. Embrace your power...

Keyword For December: Authority

Most Compatible In December: Aries


The Three Of Wands

You may be feeling introspective and as 2019 draws to a close Scorpios find yourselves taking stock of life more than most people. However, when you do cast your mind back to any actions and decisions that got you to this point, be conscious of your tendencies to be self critical! If there's one thing super capable Scorpio may have realised is that even if you can do everything by yourself, it's far more productive and fun if you don't have to. This December, the message for you is to let down your guard a little. Offers of all kinds will come your way and in some cases these offers may require you to change your usual arrangements or your actual living space. You might find yourself frozen or unable to act on these chances immediately, but eventually your Scorpio logic- and your competitive nature-  will win out!

In your emotional zone, there's also a focus on looking at past lessons when it comes to relationships. Emotional challenges may have made you prickly or wary of risking your heart or dignity. With close ones, try to look past upsetting behaviour and consider what feelings of their own might cause them to act in this way...

Keyword For December: Evaluation

Most Compatible In December: Pisces


The Ace Of Swords

As a sign known for a love of socialising and enjoyment of connection with others, December's a gorgeous energetic point for you. You’ll enjoy and embrace the festive flurry of activity. This month is also a powerful time for brand new social opportunities to manifest and you might be happily surprised about how little effort this takes on your part. An expansion of your social life or circle may actually be long overdue! Your finances may also receive a boost this month, with money coming to you from unexpected sources, like bonuses or gifts. You might also decide to use any extra cash on travel plans or for a change of location as December also gives Sagittarius a strong desire to be in new surroundings...

Your emotional zone has a joyful, cleansing energy this Festive Season. It’s not just about Christmas gifts- there should be some other delightful surprises from family and friends to show you how much they enjoy being in your company. Single Sagittarius may discover a romance in circumstances where you'd least expect it! Make extra sure that you're out and about..

Keyword For December: Communication

Most Compatible In December: Aquarius


£10 Off An In Depth Reading With Me

Offer Ends December 31st

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