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This month I've worked with a much loved deck, The Legacy Of The Divine Tarot by the wonderful Ciro Marchetti

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Relationships and collaborations should feel much fairer this month, Capricorn. However, your hard working and focused nature can sometimes result in your desire to complete a task or project at all costs- including that of  your friendships! Let go a little this month- it's time to trust that others can and will deliver...

A seemingly casual encounter with someone who shares your interests or profession could blossom into something beautifully romantic and intense. You may wait until late month to fully open your mind and heart to this dazzling- but scary- possibility. However, this could become a true relationship of equals, Capricorn.

Keyword This Month: Equality

Compatible Sign This Month: Scorpio


The Queen Of Cups

Whatever external pressures or troubles may exist in the outside world, you're the serene calm above the storm this month, Aquarius. In fact, you may be the very person called upon by others to mediate or heal a situation where close ones or colleagues are clashing! Helping people - both publicly and behind the scenes - is a really rewarding feature of your life and career throughout September. 

With love, caring is sharing- and what you're being asked to share are your true feelings about someone. Whether it's the renewal of an established relationship or the very first steps of a new one, don't hide what's really in your heart.

Keyword This Month: Empathy

Compatible Sign This Month: Aries


The Wheel Of Fortune

Early September presents you with new chances to make progress, Pisces. Some of the offers you receive may come from quite unexpected locations in the world, ask you to revive a dormant talent or take part in a project you'd thought just wasn't for you. It's ok to leap outside your comfort zone this month, Pisces. If you don't jump aboard the plane- you won't leave the ground...!

By late month, the unexpected makes it's entrance into your love life, too. You'll meet people from truly diverse backgrounds or locations who want to get to know you.  Even in established relationships, familiar people will reveal new or hitherto unsuspected sides to their nature! 

Keyword This Month: Opportunity

Compatible Sign This Month: Virgo

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The Fool

Your thirst to get involved with new situations is pretty unquenchable this month, Aries. However, don't let this urge run away with you too much. It's exciting and great that you'll have the chance for new business ventures, travel or getting closer to new people- just do some research first. Even the most basic of checks will make sure that an adventure doesn't turn into a disaster !

Romantically- whatever advice you may be given to the contrary- you'll follow your instincts and desires this month anyway, Aries! Risk taking is a powerful aspect of your fiery nature. Early month brings you emotional and physical adventures- but try not to get so immersed in them that you forget about the rest of your world...

Keyword This Month: Adventure

Compatible Sign This Month: Aquarius


The Star

September is a month of overcoming obstacles and making fresh starts. If this sounds too much like a dream scenario right now, Taurus, this is all part of the great emotional journey you'll make- from exhaustion to optimism! Early on this month, you'll also have a chance to change your physical surroundings for the better. This may be linked to a career advancement - you'll finally be rewarded where you thought you'd been permanently overlooked.

You can afford to be more ambitious about your romantic prospects too, Taurus. Why involve yourself with anyone who criticises you, when you can be with someone who's inspired by you?

Keyword This Month: Optimism

Compatible Sign This Month: Cancer


The Queen Of Swords

This may not be your most frivolous or fanciful month, Gemini- but it is one of your most clear thinking. Professionally and mentally, you'll be bringing your A game, especially when it comes to making plans and analysing people's behaviour. One of Gemini's strengths is an ability to blend with and adapt to the behaviour and personalities of others. You can still deploy this Gemini tactic, but remain detached and realistic about those around you.

Reality checks needn't rule out romance! September is a marvellous month for honest communication with partners and re appraising your relationships. Single Gemini can look forward to meeting someone who woos your intellect as much as your heart...

Keyword This Month: Clarity

Compatible Sign This Month: Sagittarius

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Hanging Man

It's time to step back, draw on your inner resources and play the long game, Cancer. Putting yourself out there or fighting causes is not in your best interests this month. In fact, what September may offer you is not merely some mental respite but also a chance to physically escape the 'madding crowd' in the form of a trip, holiday or retreat. In life there'll always be problems to solve or people to deal with - but choosing just when you have to do this is up you, this month...

You may be ready to call a halt to or step back from any relationships that are draining you. This doesn't have to be a permanent ending, Cancer. However, taking some time away from certain people in your emotional life will help you decide if it should be....

Keyword This Month: Respite

Compatible Sign This Month: Taurus


The Six Of Swords

You may have been through times in which you've had to constantly defend yourself, Leo. Even though many of these situations have tested you to the limits- know that this month your ship is heading for calmer shores. Whatever your defintion of success, this month puts it well within your sights. Hard learned lessons of the last few months gives you  little tolerance of those who are unsupportive or negative towards you.

The growing feeling of emotional safety around you is your 'happy place' this month. Currently single Leos are likely to meet someone kind and nurturing in a place where you do the things that you love most, Make sure that you follow your interests...

Keyword For This Month: Recovery

Compatible Sign For This Month: Libra


The Page Of Coins

Are your finances  in some kind of holding pattern because of decisions that rely on the actions or approval of others? The appearance of this card says that the waiting time is almost over, Virgo. Your financial situation is likely to take a turn for the better. With all aspects of your life this month, measured efforts and cautious behaviour are better for you. Don't give up on big ambitions- but slow and steady wins the race this month!

Love isn't about raging passion. This month, your emotional zone is far better described as a soft, warm blanket of  contentment, rather than a wildfire! Your deepest bliss will be found in the little things and in the familiar.

Keyword For This Month: Planning

Compatible Sign This Month: Pisces

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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The Empress

Your success is showing, Libra! This is a month where you're in demand. Colleagues and those you interact with will let you know they find you inspiring and love your way of working. Others will be singing your praises to the world. However, you need to remember, that as much as others may love and want you, you also need to take enough time for yourself or you may get burnt out. 

Emotionally, relationships get closer - and stronger. You can breathe a sigh of relief as certain loved ones finally deliver on promises they may have made to you. Within your wider circle of family and friends, arguments- even long term ones-  will finally reach a state of accord and harmony,

Keyword For This Month: Satisfaction

Compatible Sign This Month: Leo


The Seven Of Wands

You may have to show determintion and defend your choices and beliefs this month, You won't lose faith in yourself, but even  super confident Scorpio may be amazed at what you acheive! Professionally, you might be thinking about career change or promotion and may have to out perform the competition or demonstrate that you can deliver the goods. However, this is the kind of challenge most Scorpios will relish...

Emotionally, put your own boundaries firmly in place. If you're in any relationships that are confrontational  or complicated, be very firm and focus on your own needs. People will grow tired of their own bad behaviour in the face of your quiet determination to deflect and to detach.

Keyword For This Month: Determination

Most Compatible Sign This Month: Capricorn


The Six Of Cups

You're in a happy place this September, Sagittarius! It's a great month for gathering with those of like mind or making plans to spend time with your close ones. Professionally, colleagues should be working in harmony with you and there should be a particular team or group event that you'll be celebrating by the end of the month. 

Sagittarians are highly likely to meet others with whom you feel completely at ease. Specific shared interests or career links may lead to magnificent meetings of minds! Really, the atmosphere around all your emotional links is likely to feel especially carefree. It's a contented and connected month for you.

Keyword For The Month: Sharing

Compatible Sign This Month: Gemini

For Individual Insight On Your Personal Future Get An In Depth Reading With Me

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