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Here I feature posts from My Blog on how and when we can mark and celebrate The Wheel Of The Year

Read how the most primal and ancient of our traditions still connect to our 21st Century lives


May 1st

Union And Fertility

On the first day of May, the Wheel of the Year turns to Beltane. This day represents the very zenith of Spring and the start of Summer. Beltane is primarily the time when we celebrate sexuality. fertility and partnership.

Beltane is also known as May Day and is still marked around the world in many different ways that feature liberation or joy...

The word Beltane has it’s name origins from from the Celtic God Bel- known as ‘Bright One’ combined with the Gaelic word ‘teine’ meaning fire.

One of the deepest and most profound ways that people would honour the ‘Bright Fire’ would be to light bonfires and pay tribute to the Sun, so that there would be light and nurture for the harvest.

The ring of fire would give light and protection for the rest of the year to those gathered together. People would- and still do- jump over the fire to cleanse, purify and and encourage fertility. Couples would join together and jump the fire as a pledge to one another.

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Beltane marks the ‘Great Marriage’ of the Goddess and the God, the masculine and the feminine energies combining to bring forth fertility to the land.The crowned May Queen and King are the symbols of this Great Marriage.

This union has merrily been celebrated and adopted by humans throughout time. This is the night of the ‘Greenwood Marriage’ a joyful celebration of sexuality sensuality, passion, vitality – and conception


Beltane is the most popular time for pagan weddings or Handfastings. This is the ancient and traditional way of betrothal in which a couple make vows to each other for ‘a year and a day’- after which they can choose to stay together or to part without any blame.

This way of joining together predates the notion of Christian weddings with their ‘death do us part’ energy and philosophy by many thousands of years. Nowadays, the length of commitment after any Handfasting is a matter of choice for the couple.

​Handfasting involves tying the hands of the two people involved in a figure of eight during the ceremony and then later unbinding.

Tying the hands together symbolises that the two people have come together and the unbinding means that they choose to remain together of their own free will.

Another tradition is ‘jumping the broomstick’ which goes back to time when two people who did not want or could not afford a church ceremony, would literally jump over a broom laid on the floor and their community then saw them as joined. The broom itself marks the ‘threshold’ to cross from an old life into a new one.

Dancing around the May Pole

People still love to wear May Day Crowns made of flowers on this day and the tradition continues of 'maidens' dancing in a circle around the Maypole.

The flower crowns and the circle represent the divine feminine/ female sexuality and join with the masculine phallic symbol of the pole to celebrate fertility.

A Beltane Ritual

To mark Beltane and show you a way to bring it's joyful energy into your love life, I'm going to focus on manifesting  love into our lives by showing you a simple colour candle ritual. This ritual is perfect to carry out on this most powerful point on the Wheel of the Year for love, sensuality and fertility.

Here we're using the power of the colour pink- the colour of the Heart Chakra and a colour traditionally and culturally associated with love. By lighting candles we're also bringing in the flame aspect of the Beltane Fire.

It's essential to remember that when we're working to reinforce or attract love energy we must  never  attempt to subvert the free will of others. Any energetic work we do which tries to manipulate others should not be attempted. This kind of intent is never going to end in success and can backfire.

What our intent needs to be here is one of to co-creating a strong love energy around us in a loving and positive way. This colour candle ritual can be used to truly help us attract the right person into our lives or to strengthen the love energy of an existing situation.

If you wish to strengthen an existing relationship it's a powerful addition to have a picture of the two of you to place next to your candles -preferably one taken at a happy time or in a loving situation.


If you're working to invite or attract the right person into your life, make a list of all the qualities your ideal person would posses. Be very detailed about their personality, appearance etc. The Universe loves specifics!

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This Is A Beautifully Simple Ritual

Once you have your candles and any other objects together in the calm physical space you've chosen, it really only needs your own power to visualise in order to activate the energy. The Beltane colour candle ritual can be worked at any time you feel happy - day or night.


You can sit down or stand to work this ritual, the most important thing to is to be calm and relaxed. Take several deep cleansing breaths as you feel and visualise your feet connecting to the Earth below you. This will help you to remain grounded throughout your ritual. According to whichever way you wish to manifest love into your life here are some suggestions about the kind of visualisation that would work well.

Attracting Love 

You've made your list and you've been specific- so you've done the hard work! As you light your candles 'see' yourself in enjoyable and loving situations with your perfect partner. They don't have to be overly romantic or dramatic. They can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. The really important thing is to feel  this happy blissful energy - that of being with the person you love and who loves you in return as if they are already in your life.


Enjoy this visualization for as long as you feel comfortable- the important thing is that you've focused on what you wish to manifest. With the list you've made, the colour candles and the energetic intent you've put out to the Universe you've made a shift in your reality.


When you feel ready, take the list you've made, roll up the paper into a scroll and put it in a place where it can stay undisturbed. You can clear away your candles etc when ready or put them in a place where you can see them permanently as a reminder of the love energy you've manifested into your life.

Wishing you all a Beautiful Beltane- filled with love and passion !

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